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  1. Yes No. Only Open Beta at the moment.
  2. Nah, can't work without an update and there won't be an update today: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3764369&postcount=40 I guess Stable will be patched next week.
  3. Haha, well played, BD. Well played. :lol:
  4. Yeah here is a very short track (30sec) in the Yak where these distortions are very noticable around the canopy frame. Happens with many (all?) different aicraft though. water1.trk
  5. This was not directed at M3 or HB, but at ED. It is my understanding that 3rd parties give their new modules to ED for testing, and ED decides when a module is finally released. I may be wrong but I believe ED is also handling these presale discounts. If this is not the case then disregard.
  6. You can jump in the front seat and it will work. Would be nice if it was accessible from the back too though. It does work with the g-meter.
  7. Look in the manual page 22. It's exactly where the red arrow points.
  8. I'd like to thank the devs also for providing a complete, easily understandable but also technical manual from day one. Love it! :thumbup:
  9. Seen this too. It might have something to do with the wakes. Look at the left side here:
  10. The Christen Eagle 2 was scheduled for release on the 23rd. Now it came a week earlier which is cool. Thanks for that. That being said: as far as I know this was not communicated in any way before the patch notes. So for people who decided for whatever reason to wait with their preorder til shortly before release, I think it would have been fair to keep the discount until the announced date. This might be of consideration for the future to avoid drama. I guess it's not that big of a deal with such a niche aircraft, but do this with the F-14 and you'll be lynched. ;)
  11. Well when the teaser came out CE2's release was still set for next week. Mags also mentioned the 23rd in his first look from yesterday, so it seems he also made his video with a pre-release copy. I think when ED released it already this week it came as a little suprise to everyone, maybe even Mag3? It makes sense from their scheduling perspective though if they really want to give us the MiG-19 later this month. - 16th OB with CE2 - 23rd Stable catchup - 30th OB with MiG They might have just spoiled the fun for the Youtubers. ;)
  12. Nevada are West coordinates.
  13. Well this one has a 200hp engine, the warbirds have what? 1500hp? There should be a difference in torque. ;)
  14. spiddx


    I'm sure this will be adjusted. Until then: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3762916&postcount=3
  15. If you want to change it yourself in the meantime, go to Mods/aircraft/AV8BNA/cockpit - open clickabledata.lua with Notepad++ - insert this line: anim_speed_default = 15.0I entered it in line 9, works just fine. Change the 15.0 to whatever you like, the higher the faster the animation.
  16. spiddx

    Smoke System?

    In the rearm/refuel window (see post #14) you can also right click on the pylon (below SMK) and select a loadout. Then press ok and ground crew will load it onto your aircraft. No need for profiles that way.
  17. While that is true, this shouldn't be of any concern to developers. Beta's intended use can be seen here. And since we had this discussion ad nauseam here, I'm out.
  18. OK, if you can't be bothered to invest 10 seconds of your life to apply the fix (which was communicated here and in the main ED patchnotes hours before the patch came even live) then you probably shouldn't use the Open beta.
  19. About "wasting resources": I think it's pretty obvious that this wasn't programmed solely for the Mirage. Harrier got it too. If I had to guess this was probably made for MiG-19 and integrated into present modules afterwards. Sure, it's rough around the edges at the moment, but I see nothing gamebreaking here.
  20. So what's been reported so far? - You need to apply the fix (10sec of work) - Animations are a bit slow (negligible and can be changed in lua) - Buttons can be pressed while covers are on (is this really a big problem in normal operation?) - B-Scope isn't working (ok, I can imagine this is annoying for people used to it, but there is still PPI for the time being, it's not that hard to grasp) Did I miss anything?
  21. What does the time of development have to do with this? It's a completely new feature, there are some (IMO minor) issues in the beta. Nobody complained about the switches for the last 3 years, they decided to upgrade them nevertheless. Why don't we cut them some slack here?
  22. Yes only OB at the moment. Stable is possible next week if there are no major issues found in the current beta build. We'll see.
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