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  1. Not yet. Wednesday is update day, so maybe tomorrow.
  2. Just a thought: With the recent additions to the C-101 I think you guys have earned a place among the other full fidelity modules in DCS, so you might want to talk to ED about the 'DCS: C-101' monicker. Acoording to the established naming convention this indicates ASM/EFM in contrast to '... for DCS World' which means reduced complexity.
  3. I'm sorry but what is this picture supposed to show and how would it help anybody to evaluate the DM based on that. Have you even been hit? A track or tacview would have been more heplful.
  4. Standard. The longer ones wouldn't really help though I think because if the base is further down I'd get problems with the top of the stick or my fingers. Now the closest point to the mount is the paddle switch. See picture below. Edit: I've just seen that the long version also seems to have a longer mounting profile for the base plate. So this could mitigate the issue I guess. With the 10cm extension the top of the stick moves about 12cm to each side from the middle position. Distance base to top is around 33cm so this would result in an angle of about 21°. My measurements were a bit crude but it corresponds with what post #35 in this thread says, so it shouldn't be too far off. No idea how this compares to the WH base as I've given mine away as soon as the Warbrd arrived. I only know that it's more. ;) With this setup I get about 3mm of space between the paddle switch and the mount. I could get more distance if I would mount the baseplate a bit further away from the vertical spar of the desk mount but this works fine for me as is. Yes, you get all the same functions that you have with the original base.
  5. Yes, it has all the same connectors. Plug it in, screw it on and you're good to go. All you have to do is update the base profile in the VPC software. As mentioned above it has more throw than the original WH base, so if your space is confined you might have clearance issues. I had to go from a 12cm down to a 10cm extension with my Monstertech mounts.
  6. https://forums.eagle.ru/rules.php#en
  7. Edit: New video is up too.
  8. Posting this here too as it seems to be the same issue: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3787155&postcount=5
  9. In mission 3 the 'Force manual alignment' option is checked, this probably conflicts with the auto alignment cheat. So you should turn auto align off for that particular mission. M3 is the only mission this option is checked so it is probably unintended by BD. Maybe something to look at for future updates.
  10. Im Moment nur Open Beta. Wenn alles gut geht sollte allerdings am Mittwoch ein Stable Update kommen.
  11. For what it's worth it's only a visual bug. If you check that box the sensors look mounted, but they don't actually work.
  12. While maybe not oficially supported I'm using the WarBRD with a 10cm extension + TM grip and it works flawlessly. In fact with the stiffer springs it centers way better than the WH base did. I had a 12cm extension on it initially which was just fine as well as far as the base is concerned. Only problem was that with it I hit the edge of my Monstertech mounts with my hand at full deflecton forward. So I switched to the 10.
  13. If I remember correctly you are carrying an LGB in that particular misson, so you don't have to be 100% precise.
  14. I guess it's meant to help newcomers, but IMO the implementation of this is rather distracting and not very helpful. It's the first thing I turn off whenever I get a new prop plane and I know I'm not the only one. ;) Have fun!
  15. Did you turn off takeoff assist/auto rudder in the options?
  16. Haha, it's fine. Sooooo... Fighter Ops coming out anytime soon? :joystick::pilotfly:
  17. ...just as I was thinking after 5 years we would be over this argument. :lol: Could a mod now reopen the Wags in Moscow thread please? :D
  18. Good to know if I ever own a Ferrari - or an F-18 for that matter. ;)
  19. Again minor stuff: When you get the coordinates, VO says GG340792 (correct) but subtitle dispays GG340972. And we already talked about the Sukhumi/Senaki mixup. :)
  20. Well 'plenty' is a pretty vague term again. What is plenty? You say a month, others might think a week is plenty time to pre-purchase. Who knows... ;) More telling was them saying "we are using the time we still have..." which makes me think they'll keep finetuning til their time window closes.
  21. You need to update your open beta first. Then try again.
  22. Not a video, but I attatched a short track. As I said, 50% fuel no wind. Don't mind me fooling around in the beginning, I cut the throttles too late initially so the approach was a bit fast and ugly. Landed a bit hot too but had plenty of runway left in the end. Viggen is super easy with Thrust Reverser and Verlocity Vector to aim for the threshold. 100% fuel you don't even need half of the runway. F-5 Sir Abu.trk
  23. That's what they said and was true initially with research and I guess artwork (and maybe fm?), but I think it's pretty obvious that zeus was coding a big chunk of the systems during the last couple of months. That's when the Harrier updates seized. On the other hand I see Razbam trying to redeem themselves lately. Comms are better since they hired decoy, cogs are slowly starting to move on the Mirage front and they are planning to tackle Harrier afterwards. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt here. Also they are creating assets for free that benefit the entire DCS community (tankers, Tarawa). If the MiG wasn't feature complete on release, I would pass. But it's looking good so far, they are taking the time it needs so they'll get a purchase from me.
  24. It's doable with the F-5 if you set fuel to 50%, no need for wind. You have to be rather quick with the brakes and chute though. ;)
  25. Yes I think it was always meant to be paid content. First mention of it I have seen was here 12-18-2018 (the day it was announced here on the forums) https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3724610&postcount=13 It’s cheaper than any other campaign in DCS though.
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