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  1. So no mention of the Yak in today‘s newsletter... Is the Q1 update still planned? This is not a high profile module obviously, but it‘s stuck in limbo for way too long. It would really deserve its finishing touches.
  2. Der Sinn ist für mich relativ eindeutig: eine verhältnismäßig einfach zu produzierende Map mit viel Wasser als Spielplatz für Flugzeugträger. Quasi als Gegenstück zum Kaukasus für landgestützte Sachen. Und nebenbei noch leichte Relevanz für WW2. Damit will ED halt eindeutig ihre Marine-Module pushen. Für gratis kann ich damit auch sehr gut leben.
  3. Cool looking airstrip, it being half covered by lava and such... :D
  4. Be sure to be in AG CCRP mode. It does not slew in CCIP, which is correct behaviour accoeding to the devs.
  5. Agreed, would be a nice feature. It really triggers my OCD that Nevada is all the way up front when all the other modules are sorted alphabetically. :pilotfly: Wouldn't get rid of the not owned modules though.
  6. Haben sie doch. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4053552&postcount=501 :doh:
  7. Keep it as realistic as possible and maybe add a 'simple IFF' option enforcible by server admins. Someone has to take the first steps towards improving IFF, one of the most gamey aspects of DCS at the moment. People being too lazy to apply it correctly should not be an argument. Go Deka!
  8. It checks automatically once every 24 hours. You can do it manually as often as you like.
  9. Power lines do have a collision model FYI, they cut your main rotor right off. So I would continue avoiding them in the future. ;)
  10. Nevada is the only map with a 3 digit longitude. The first digit is omitted by the DCS Viggen as a workaround afaik. Could it have something to do with this? Just a shot in the dark...
  11. Kein Update heute. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4045067&postcount=2933
  12. On the ground, using the kneeboard. Engine must be off.
  13. A developer talked about an F-8 variant in the original A-8 thread. There was also quite a lot of research going on. Look for posts by Coyote in this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=221655 Especially page 25 onwards. But: Since there is no mention of it in the A-8 module description and every customer question regarding the F has been ignored by ED for the last 6 months I would buy the A-8 only under the assumption that there will not be an F variant included in the module. And who knows: maybe we'll get a pleasant suprise down the line. I just wouldn't count on it.
  14. spiddx

    Mission 4

    No idea if I'm doing something wrong, but in this mission one of the four bombers refuses to attack its target. He flies south with the formation, but at some point he just turns around, goes back up north an circles around Vladikavkaz until the mission is done. I've tried the mission twice now and saw the same behaviour in both instances. So I got the message that only one of the two targets was destroyed although all bombers survived. It's not a big deal though as I could advance the campaign without problems. Maybe this happens on purpose? Loving it so far! Thanks BD and Razbam!
  15. The same discussion after every single sale. Someone waits til the last moments and misses the sale due to misunderstandings. Maybe ED should consider giving a time early in the day in their announcements - say for example 'Sale lasts until 14.7. 8:00 UTC.' That way nobody will expect the sale to run until midnight in whatever timezone. On the other hand if it lasts a couple of hours longer than the given time it hurts nobody and noone will care or be disappointed.
  16. As this is not mentioned in the description of the module I‘d wait for a real official statement before drawing any conclusion. Remember the NS430 ‘misunderstandings’.
  17. I really like to know what exactly I'm buying before spending money and the e-shop page is a bit too vague for my liking. Will we get A/G munitions? I know bombs and rockets are mentioned in the aircraft description, but will they also be included in the module? There's nothing about that in the feature list. What about the F-8? Is it still a thing? Will it be included in this module or a seperate purchase? I can totally understand if this stuff isn't ready for EA release, but will we get it eventually? Thanks.
  18. Well it doesn't help that two discussions happen in parallel here right now. One is about server compatibility (and I don't see how anyone would be against it?) while the other is whether carrier ATC should be behind a paywall which can be argued about. That's probably part of the confusion.
  19. You are completely missing the point. People that only fly the Mi-8 will not be able to join servers with the new carrier unless they buy it too. And why would they? And where does it stop? When the new Kuz comes out they'll have to spend another X dollars for something they will never use. This wont happen and that's why many servers will not include these modules which in turn makes them less attractive for people that actually bought them.
  20. So I absolutely wanted to buy the new carrier but if all the public servers wont include it (and the wont if they want to be successful) it will diminish the use I get out of it. Reconsidering the purchase right now, this is kind of a dealbreaker. There has to be a better way, and no, I'm not talking about giving it away for free. I hope ED delays the thing until they find a solution.
  21. Two new subforums on the main page, so I'm giving myself a +1. You could even divide them into jets, props, helicopters for example.
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