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  1. @Frederf No mods The RSBN / PRMG counters in my cockpit start at 00 Please clarify what you mean by 'both branches' - do you have more than one version of DCS installed? I only have 2.5 installed Again, just to clarify.. what number do you dial in for the RSBN at Anapa? And, have you tested this recently? I seem to recall this +1 issue is like, old news... I'm pretty sure I read about it ages ago (literally a few years back) .
  2. @Frederf interesting I have now cross-checked the values set in the MIG's R_NAV_data_Caucasus.lua and still have to increase each by +1 to get them to work in the cockpit e.g Anapa is --1 (in the R_NAV_data_Caucasus.lua) but, you need to dial in 02 on the RSBN in the cockpit to get it to work happy enough that it is, at least, working but would still like to know why the vales in the code don't align with what's actually required in the cockpit... I must be missing something, somewhere!
  3. ... a chink is appearing in my cumulonimbus and I am starting to see the light! :lol:
  4. @streakeagle Appreciate your input... I am doing my best to fully understand what you're saying ... please bear with me... I am really interested in this topic - sorry to harp on - wife say's I need to get out more... Let's start with the premise, the true RSBN values are defined by ED in the map data. First, was this data available in the map at the time the MIG was developed and if so, why didn't the developers simply use that data instead of creating a set of presets which were not properly aligned with the default values? Please don't take any offence (none intended) but I don't get why the development and release of L-39 is relevant to the MIG21 other than to note that it uses the default data (as all modules should in my opinion) Of course, you may mean that ED didn't define the default presets until the L-39 came along? But then, if that was the case, prior to the L-39, RSBN wouldn't have been available across the board surely? .
  5. @Ramsay, Of course, you are right, my mistake, got my knickers in a twist, it was the R_NAV_data_Caucasus.lua I used and not the Beacons.lua as perviously stated - apologies I have now updated my reference material - thanks for clarifying everything - I hope they do align the MIG with the generic set - makes sense. I wonder why they didn't do that from the outset?
  6. @Hollywood_315 Great - you've nailed it down... out of interest, which push button is it? :thumbup:
  7. Trying to sort this mess out... I have made a set of RSBN charts specifically for the MIG21 (one for each map) extrapolating the RSBN preset numbers directly from the Beacons.lua I've made a custom mission to practice RSBN/PRMG landings at various runways on the Caucasus map and now I'm finding the RSBN presets are 'sometimes' +1 out The keyword here is 'sometimes'... I can live with consistency - don't mind changing the values in my charts but why is the RSBN channel correct one minute and not the next? I know RSBN discrepancies have cropped up in the past but has this ever been fixed? :book:
  8. Thanks guys for your replies I have seen the light (and the AWACS) @Kang I chose the E-3 after watching a Youtube and accepted the default altitude - I think it as 6400 (may be wrong) Anyways, I have been miscalculating the altitude as the ME is in feet and the MIG's altimeter is in meters (I think) Apologies for the uncertainty, just trying to get to grips with all this I flew my test mission again and caught sight of the AWACS once I was flying at the right altitude!
  9. aaaah, right... this will save me looking any further for the answer. :book:
  10. In excellent tutorial by xxJohnxx, one green light illuminates when AUTO mode is selected but, in my plane, selecting AUTO illuminates the COMM and AUTO lights simultaneously? Have the developers changed something since the tutorial was made? And, whilst on the subject, let's all give John a big thumb up for taking the time to prepare his excellent video's and share his expertise - really helpful and much appreciated. :thumbup:
  11. slicker55


    Look on the positive side.. You'd be better off dead with it than alive without it! :smartass:
  12. @[Cobra] Thanks... I tried orbit and racetrack using one or more waypoints and for easy reference circling directly above the isle of wight in the normandy map... Flew over there and had a good look around but no sign of it? What would be a suitable altitude for the AWACS? .
  13. I just started playing around in the mission editor and have created a couple of custom missions to practice navigation and landing - everything working sweet so far. I have added an AWACS and can communicate with this unit over the radio. It also sends messages to tell me when it is passing various waypoints so it's up there somewhere! I can see it moving around on the F10 map and it is not set as 'hidden' in the mission editor. When I fly the mission, if I get close enough, should I be able to see the AWACS aircraft? :book:
  14. It's been around for quite a while: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=224877&highlight=clicking+mig21
  15. @Snacko Roger - Wilco! Issue resolved - for anyone else wondering how to do this, just received this reply from the guys over at Voice Attack .
  16. I must read up on this... No problem exporting/importing everything - simples! I have experimented with the export/import function and realise you can 'tick' which commands you want to include during that export. However, I can't figure out how to get only the 'ticked' items back into a populated profile without losing all the commands which already exist in that profile? :book:
  17. @Hollywood_315 Thank you for clarifying - appreciated I'm just wondering what will happen if you decide to extend the list of default commands in the VA profile at some time in the future... Is there any way to export my custom commands so they can be imported / appended to the updated VA profile if / when this ever becomes necessary? .
  18. @Hollywood_315 I have added some custom 'when I say...' commands to the default Vaicom Pro profile using the VA editor. What happens to custom commands when Vaicom Pro is updated?
  19. Creating an alias will enable you to use an alternative name instead of the original but the alias will only send the same key strokes. If you want to add a new task, you will need to create a new 'when I say...' command in the Voice Attack profile and assign the appropriate key strokes.
  20. Assigning PTT using red switch on Warthog Throttle ... help, must be missing something... I had no problems configuring all 5 positions of the hat switch on my warthog throttle and mapped these to TX1-5 (as per pages 11 and 12 of the user manual) However, I would now like to map the red toggle switch on the throttle to TX6 but this switch is not recognised when I try to configure it in the Vaicom Pro 'Edit a Command' page. I have checked and this switch is not mapped to anything and not bound to any keys. Any ideas please? EDIT: sorted - assigned DX code to switch (press and release) in T.A.R.G.E.T software and worked straight away
  21. I downloaded the Speech Recognition Profile Backup & Restore Tool ran the install but wasn't clear on what to do next?
  22. Updated (using auto-updater) to version 2.5.6 - no issues
  23. ...not wishing to add to the frustration of anyone experiencing issues after updating to 1.7.3 - just for the information of @Hollywood_315 my update went without any probs... updated VA before the hot fix... all good - fingers crossed (he says)...
  24. @Hollywood_315 Happy Thanksgiving Day... and for giving us Vaicom Pro! This product takes DCS to a whole new level and I would encourage everyone to give it a go I cannot thank you enough :beer:
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