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  1. @Rudel_chw Appreciate your comments - Fair enough I suppose real world pilots would have de-pressurised both the cockpit and the canopy before opening the canopy (for obvious reasons) If I have any news, I will be back in touch :)
  2. @Rudel_chw I know you are a stickler for detail... Your 'after landing roll-out' checklist refers to 'un-pressurize the cockpit' - you show a pic and refer to switch 2 Chuck's guide (page 16), refers to this switch as 'canopy pressurization switch' But, on page 40 he refers to 'Cockpit Air Supply & Pressurization Handle' (located on the RHS of the cockpit) For the sake of completeness, which one shall we go with, canopy, cockpit, or both!
  3. I am just getting started with this module. Thank you for sharing these really helpful checklists. I cannot find a 'shutdown procedure' checklist anywhere Have you come across one in your travels?
  4. @OverStratos Thank you, it is very encouraging to see developers taking a look at these threads and letting us know how things are progressing at their end. When you say, 'Soon', do you know when work might start and when we might expect the issues discussed here to get sorted out?
  5. ...sounds to me like it's a bit of a bargain!
  6. @Ramsay Yes, same here... just thinking of grabbing a bargain myself... MiG21 fan here... just wondered what people think of the MiG19 now that some of the earlier issues appear to have been addressed?
  7. I am thinking of getting this - Autumn Sale - 50% off until 4th November I have read this thread and realise there are still a few things which need sorting out. What do you think?
  8. I know quite a few of us own multiple drives but those struggling with only one drive holding their OS and DCS should be aware they can recover quite a lot of free space by deleting previous versions of windows.
  9. @Snacko Thanks for pointing this out - very useful for people using the menu system
  10. I bought the NS430 a while back but only got round to trying it out in the MiG-21 last night. The afterburner issue as reported in this thread almost 12 months ago still persists and is a PITA because when the NS430 powers back on it needs a few clicks to get it back to where it was when it switched off.
  11. @Hollywood_315 Thanks - fixed and noted for future reference - first class support - vey much appreciated :thumbup: Would it be possible to include a warning light or simple text message to alert the end-user when the VA version is out of date - like you already have in Vaicom Pro?
  12. @DERacing Might be best to decline updates until we get answer to post 2384/2385 and concentrate on getting it running first :) I also experience the same problem as you outline re. updating. Disable the OPER switch in the Audio tab of the Vaicom Pro Control Panel (LCTRL+LALT+C), close Vaicom Pro and Voice Attack, reload and accept the updates Once done, re-enable the OPER switch - this method works for me! Like I said, 2.5.9 works fine so I would stick with that version for the time being
  13. @TAnker737 getting it to work on a tablet would be really cool (and useful) … waiting to learn how to do this :)
  14. @Hollywood_315 @Fisherman82 Same here - reverted to 2.5.9 (working fine) FIXED update VA to 1.7.5 before updating Vaicom Pro to 2.5.10 all working fine now See #2389 Thanks to Hollywood_315
  15. you could make a note of the keyboard shortcut you use to show the menu and bind this to your TX switch/button. :thumbup:
  16. @Shane2604 Welcome, my advice... when starting out with DCS, expect a STEEP learning curve! You might be better off picking a specific aircraft and getting acquainted with it before getting involved with Vaicom Pro. Highly recommend you watch these: There is quite a bit to cover so suggest you tackle one thing at a time... First thoughts are that either your microphone isn't configured properly or you don't have your TX switches/buttons assigned properly.
  17. here you go mate... this will sort you out :thumbup:
  18. @Hollywood_315 The community will be forever in your debt... 'A significant contribution to DCS' Ref post # 1817 & 1819 (auto-updating) Same again with Anyone else having this issue?
  19. @Snacko Cheers, I knew some :smartass: would know!
  20. @the_soupdragon a good question - same here but having read the manual again, it says, 'some missions make use of the 'other' (F10) menu for special commands' I enabled 'import F10 menus' in sys prefs and flew a mission (MiG21) but nothing seems to happen - no new words to add to the database? Maybe, it's only with certain missions? Someone will know - looking forward to the answer!
  21. "An Excellent Product And A Great Enhancement To DCS" 'No Brainer'... worth every Cent / Penny Just get it and enjoy!
  22. @Hollywood_315 Thanks for your reply... Checked Apps folder - no update cache file and/or folder in there Downloaded latest plugins from your website and replaced VAICOMPRO.dll and Chatter.dll All good now :)
  23. @Hollywood_315 FYI I have not experienced any issues with previous auto-updates but the latest auto update is not working for me Currently have version (release) On launching Vaicom Pro (as administrator) a notification pops up saying that an update is available and I hit 'Yes' to accept the update VA says (in the order from top to bottom as shown below) Plugin 'VAICOM PRO 2.5' initialized. Ready for commands. Executing automatic update. New update available! When I close Vaicom Pro and relaunch (as administrator), I get the same notification saying an update available?
  24. @Hollywood_315 A great addition to your product - something for everyone - I really enjoy Chatter with Auto-Panning - a brilliant idea :) Re. Headphones/Headsets... as you say, a lot of choices out there so point well made... keep up the good work - very much appreciated
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