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  1. @Birko ... that's good news - I must have been misinformed - maybe confused - will try it out :)
  2. @solidGad same here... a bit better last night... auto-hover twice - think it is just a case of practice... I also fixed the words 'HOVER' and 'COLL' which appear in the 'Controls Indicator' ... I had previously moved the square to a different place on my monitor but the co-ordinates of the words are contained in a different lua
  3. I don't think it matters which version you try... the auto-hover technique should remain the same - but you need to be able to master it for the M if you want to fire the HOT3. Well, that is my understanding but correct me if I am wrong. Some earlier video's on Youtube show the HOT3 being fired without being in a hover state but I am led to believe this is a pre-requisite now. I have managed to get the L into hover a couple of times now but it's still quite a challenge
  4. ... adding this 'hover' demo for future reference (7:45 / 15:59)
  5. @Birko Yes, thanks, I think you're on the money and will experiment further. Without making any changes, I managed to get it to hover once last night! I was looking for the words to appear in the controls indicator - HOVER and COLL (as seen in video's I've watched on YouTube) but I only saw a white dot in the centre where the horizontal and vertical lines cross. I was able to temporarily engage the collective and control ascent and descent .... It occurred to me that maybe a 'reposition' mod I'm using had moved the square but not the writing (although I think they're all one thing)... Anyway, I removed the mod and tried to get into a hover again to see if the words appeared, got close several times but not quite in hover state... aahhhhhhhhhhh!
  6. @Birko Thanks for clarifying - just wondered if you had the same stick as me.. (Warthog)... no probs ... will experiment with curves as you suggest
  7. Agree, I have also put many hours into trying and haven't managed it yet... I'm relying on the 'Controls Indicator' (mini-hud) to let me know when auto-hover is engaged and will throw a party when/if it ever happens :cheer3nc:
  8. +1 Great fun, plenty to learn, loving it so far :thumbup:
  9. @Holton181 Thanks … I thought so, but just wanted to check :)
  10. Interesting... I am having a bit of a hard time learning how to engage auto-hover. I have a few levers etc mapped to my Warthog HOTAS, Keyboard etc When you say 'power lever', which lever are you referring to please?
  11. I managed to get it working by trial and error... 3 x 1920 x 1080 (5760 x 1080) Sa-342 Gazelle - Controls Indicator (to appear in top right-hand corner of centre screen) DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\SA342\Cockpit\Controls\base_page.lua Line 23 base.init_pos = {6.77,1.66}--(1 - 1.5*size)} --slicker55 :megalol:
  12. Ensure you have suitable hardware - headset / mic Get VA and Vaicom Pro - register them to take full advantage of all the features - also get Vaicom Pro Chatter Pack for even better immersion - prepare for a steep learning curve but it's brilliant once it's working - a huge fan :thumbup:
  13. @PhilTheBeat Thank you - just what I was looking for.. well, almost... your formula works perfect as described but I would like values to position the controller indicator in the top right corner on the centre screen, for a triple screen resolution (5760x1080) Mashing the numbers but not getting anywhere :( Can you or anyone else help please?
  14. @Ramsay "Ramsay is on the money once again"... verify/repair - job done... many thanks @PolychopSimulations Yes, I am using a Helios profile which modifies some files including the TV init.lua However, Helios was not responsible for this issue because after DCS repair and Helios 'back in', the TV is working perfect. During verify/repair, DCS found many stray/obsolete files so, maybe, one or more of those was the culprit.
  15. @swatstar right oh... so, should it be working then? have you got the module / can you verify yours works properly?
  16. I've just found this post and looking forward to watching your video's. Thank you for taking the time to prepare these tutorials and share your expertise - much appreciated :)
  17. I'm new to this module but it's fun and I'm having a blast... :pilotfly: Does anyone know if the TV got fixed? I read about removing the 'remarks' -- in the instrument lua code and tried this but it didn't fix it When the TV comes on, I can just about see an image of the landscape but this is over-layed with a green, blocky, semi-transparent image which say's 'missing texture'... Also tried changing slew, zoom, brilliance/contrast and toggling Normal/IR but still no better :(
  18. @Hknine9 @Hollywood_315 Ref Post 3686... False call... Problem solved ... no issues after last VA update... My bad, got a bit carried away whilst creating a few custom commands and must have stuffed it up... Just letting you know all good now :)
  19. ... watching your post with interest as I am experiencing the same issue. I believe everything was working prior to the last Vaicom Pro update? :book:
  20. I would suggest experimenting with 'when' you sit down to fly... I tend to be a late person and love the peace and quite in the small hours. If I try in the day or even early evening, I'm never relaxed and it just isn't the same...
  21. ... to fellow flyers, third party devs and especially everyone at ED and for all they have done throughout this year to make our virtual world such an exciting place to be. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :clap_2:
  22. just poking around to see if this is possible - did you ever figure this out?
  23. @Ramsay Interesting - thank you - more testing required :)
  24. So, a few months on since the last reply makes this an ideal place to ask my ADF related question... I'm familiarising myself with this plane and believe I have a reasonable understanding of how the ADF / NDB system works. Last night I checked the beacon freq's and morse identifier for each airport in the .lua to compile an easy-reference chart for myself. I then ran some tests using the mission editor. I went through all the airports one at a time, placing a MIG19 on the runway with the relevant freq's of the inner and outer beacons assigned as presets. These tests produced some interesting results. All airports where there is only one inner and outer beacon worked perfectly. Airports which have two inner and two outer beacons (one set for each runway approach) only seem to work on one of the sets? That is with the exception of Maykop, Minvody and Mozdok where both sets work! Obviously, where there are two sets of inner and outer beacons, the corresponding freq's are the same but the morse defines which one the ADF receiver is tuned into. Maybe someone with more experience can help to solve this one for me?
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