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  1. А что насчёт оффлайнового контента? Т.е., миссий/кампаний - будут ли? Статические или уже динамические?
  2. There are some nice mods for LOMAC and FC1 listed at lockonfiles.com, like this: https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/1911-combataces-su-33-model-for-lo-fc1-fc2/ Or this: https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/1083-enhanced-simmod-terrain/ Or even this: https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/1460-lo-fc1-ricardo-hd-pits/ But the links are redirecting to www.crimeanairwars.com which no longer seems to be up. Can anyone please recommend at alternative location to get those mods?
  3. Не нашёл ли кто какого-нибудь "неофициального" способа запустить 2.7 из-под семёрки?
  4. Thank you very much for your advice! I moved the pagefile to the same SSD where DCS is, and it seems to have pretty much solved the problem.
  5. Seems to be RAM shortage indeed. Idle system RAM usage is about 1.25-1.5GB. In light (freeflight) missions DCS consumes about 5-6GB When DCS uses more than 9GB, I see stutters. Taskmanager shows 100% (15.9GB) of total RAM usage at that time. (9 + 1.5 < 15.9... wtf?) What do I do next?
  6. Currently pagefile is set as "system default" and is at 16329MB. I put it to HDD to save space and prolong life of SSD. What I have now: C: old SSD, 57.5 GB, 5 GB free - used for win7 only, no pagefile D: HDD, 1.81TB, 962GB free, holds 16GB pagefile F: SSD, 232GB, 50GB free - holds DCS and couple other sims, no pagefile. Did I understand correctly, that now I should: 1) Decrease pre-load range. 2) Move pagefile from HDD to SSD. Regarding the latter: Should I remove pagefile from HDD (D), creating one at SSD (F)? Or leave it be as well? What should be the size of pagefile on this
  7. Since the last update some missions on Normandy map became virtually unplayable for me. E.g. Bf-109 quick aircombat mission (the one with 2 Spitfires). And it is not fps itself which is the problem, but rather constant swapping. I.e., I get heavy stutters when I pan around, zoom in, fire guns, approach another aircraft, etc. HDD indicator flashes madly at that time. My terrain preload is at maximum, but it does not help at all. Did not have this prior to recent map update. Just had once in Jagdflieger, when approached B-17 formation in mission 2. Help please! System specs: i5-3570K overc
  8. I would also note the .50 hits in those guncams - they don't produce those black smoke clouds we see in DCS.
  9. Игра могла бы стать неплохим промежуточным звеном между аркадами и хардкорными симуляторам, но уж больно неторопливо её делают. Так что, чувствую, ждёт её судьба Jet Thunder'а...
  10. Там с работоспособностью самой игры и без Super Pro на современных видеокартах серьёзные проблемы появились:(
  11. Never mind: found out that instead of "" should have used "RAlt+".
  12. For some reason I cannot bring up a radio command menu once I am airborne, regardless of what channel is selected. For example, first mission of Epsom campaign: I can talk all right with airfield control on channel B, but only when I am on the ground. Once I take off, the "" key simply does nothing, menu does not appear. I can still hear my flight on channel D, but can't give them any commands. Can't contact the airfield on channel B as well. Radio is switched to REMOTE. It is the same in both release and open beta versions. Is it a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
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