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  1. i reported the same problem don't understand that there nothing done for such a serious bug that have ben lasting for many year
  2. so any idea wen they will fix this serious bug that have be there for year ?
  3. yea jsow is totaly broken . dropped from around 38000 ft start to turn hard right or left and totally miss. seam that all gps weapon is getting broken one after another and none of them are getting fix after month f-18 agm-154 totaly missing target .trk
  4. still looking to know if there a way to fix this problem wen it happen
  5. picture show the problem seam to have ben reported by many people over many year this problem have ben here for a very long time considering this is not just a small bug but a serious games breaking issue is this ever going to be fixed?
  6. get older nvidia driver 442.19 seam to fix the issue
  7. found a solution to be able to at least abel to see time to release by modding this file HUD_WEAP_COMMON_page.lua and changing location of this AddHUDTextElement_Pos_Formats("TimeOfFall", {{"shift_pos_tapes_visible", -12.0}, {"TimeOfFall", 0.1667}}, FROM_HUD_CENTER(-85.0, -43.3), nil, HUD_DEFAULT_LEVEL, "RightCenter", {"XXX", "%d", "R%.2d:%.2d", "%.2d:%.2d", "T%.2d:%.2d"})
  8. writing on the hud go outside the display forcing to move camera right or left a lot . in this video for unknown reason they seam to fit more correctly on the hud ? is there a way to change my hud size?
  9. for unknown reason tgp was unable to get back on slave point or lock a ground location was working fine a minute before , so what is happening there ?is there something to do to be able to get the tgp to tracking to work again ?
  10. may have bean mistake from my self , but is there a button to reslave the mav to the tgp because often mav will lock wrong target or wont follow the tgp
  11. is there a reason my maverick are not staying bore sighted to the tgp ? i did what is show in this video
  12. i guess it was still not fixed since i have that problem whit cbu-105 a-10cii cbu-105 bug drop only on top .trk
  13. maybe it related to this bug https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-a-10c-ii-tank-killer/bugs/7127550-reported-a-10c-ii-jdam-ljdam-range-staple-and-cep-issues-dcs-2-5-6-57264
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