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  1. I will be signing up (again) I hope that an AAR corrected some issues (the requirements for aircraft shows that you guys reviewed some issues).
  2. I have been trying to use r73 to destroy ground targets. I have come to the conclusion that they are not attracted to vehicles (burning or intact). Using them as unguided rockets is possible but hard to master. Does anyone know if heatseekers would be attracted to vehicles since your all saying the sun and a boiler will cause it to aquire new targets?
  3. I feel like all visual updates need to be focused on combat, then free flight, then taxi/takeoff. or to put another way: detection then immersion.
  4. This is my understanding of DCS world. It is a simulation sandbox. The consumer has free reign to do what they want in this sandbox. If you want balance then limit the aircraft and weapon selection. DCS does not have to focus on introducing a varient of the aircraft to establish a balanced system - you have to focus on creating a scenario which promotes what you consider balanced. DCS needs to focus on producing high quality, realistic flight dynamics and modules. We are talking about a game where a F-15C can fight a prop plane. The customer can set limitations on this engagement an
  5. perhaps he is using radar and eos at same time. Once he has the LA for the ET missile, he switches off radar and fires. This is what I noticed that the AI does when I face them.
  6. Thank you much for the info. I will put it into practice tomorrow.
  7. That makes sense. That is probably why sometimes I am right on the money and other times the pipper jumps around and my seemingly accurate releases miss long or short. My test runs where I am baffled have been in the mountains south of Butami. On flat land I can always tell that my misses are user error. You cleared up a lot. Is there any way to compensate for that? Or should I focus on lining up and dropping when I am on as even terrain as possible?
  8. I have been conducting test runs but I cannot figure out what the sweet spot is for an effective bomb run. I seem to be getting close. I am thinking 35 - 45 degree pitch at 700+ km/h is where I am most stable. Does this sound right to anyone? What are methods for a CCRP bomb run? I have successfully done it once but any other time either the bomb misses (usually my fault for not getting the pipper centered on target) or sometimes the bomb just does not hit the target (wings not level maybe?) yet, other times I am trying to line it up and just when I am about to pull the trigger my pip
  9. Do jammers allow the R27ER to turn into a fire and forget? My missiles often divert to an aircraft I am not locking onto when I play against the A.I.
  10. So close to what I wanted. I tried altering the code. I do not think what I want is possible :(
  11. I am trying to figure out how to get the Y axis on the mouse to work for thrust. So far, I have changed the input LUA at the following directory: DCS World>Mods>Aircraft>SU27>Input>Mouse I added this line: {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_Y'}}, action = iCommandPlaneThrustCommon, name = _('Thrust')}, However, all it is able to do is: from 0% thrust to 50% thrust. OR. From 100% thrust to 50% thrust via moving the mouse up (or) down. My theory is that the game registers the thrust axis differently than the view vertical axis. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the game
  12. Just curious if the fidelity modules have a non fidelity version for quick start-up, weapon engagement, etc... Before you bash me: no, I did not conduct extensive searching for an answer and yes, I am looking for an easy answer. Also, what happens if a high fidelity version of an aircraft is released that was once a simple version? Will I be forced to learn the proper and realistic start-up procedures?
  13. This is perfect! Thank you very much :)
  14. I thought it was something that could be added to the game by a modder, not necessarily by ED.
  15. Is there anything available that will overlay the percent my throttle is at? If anyone has played War Thunder then they may know what I am referring to.
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