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  1. Hello I am a litle confused, i pre purchased the NTTR map on 25/10-2015 and have not received key for any of the red flag campaigns, did i pre purchase to late to qualify for any of these red flag campaigns? /Sim Flyer
  2. Does anyhere know exactly how the cockpit from the AJS-37 from 1991 looks like, all i have been able to find were simular to that one (http://www.4pisr.se/index.php?option...display&id=320) Also does anyone knows if the radar on the AJS can be used to track enemy planes with or is it dedicated A-G radar?
  3. I am getting the same problem, the website is having problems. My big problem is that i might have been cleaning my mail to much as i cannot find my activation key for NTTR. Suggestion to ED: why not put the key in the module manager on NTTR like there is on all the other modules?
  4. I have been trying to read up on this discusion but 219 pages is alot :O Have the AV8B harrier been discussed, seems for me to fit the description pretty well also concidering that LN have done testing with VTOL, first time i ever saw a MIG21 VTOL ;) As far as i have been able to read on the newer version of the AV8B used by the marines had A-G radar.
  5. Nickname: VRDAF.Dil Your profile at ED forum: http://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=111372 Chosen plane type: F86 - Sabre Country of residence: Sweden Time: GMT+1 Language of communication: English Confirmation of familiarization with regulations of the tournament and the obligation to comply with them: Familiarized with regulations of this tournament, oblige myself to comply with them.
  6. I am having exactly the same problem, running with a 3gb ram gpu, runnning around 80 - 120 FPS in the cockpit of the A10C but as soon as i switch to BHOT or WHOT on the targeting pod my FPS drops to around 30 - 40.
  7. This sounds very good, ill take a blue F86.
  8. I would like to register for the next round. Lone wolf Callsign: VRDAF.Dillinger Side: Red Aircraft(s): SU27, MIG21, SU25T, A10C
  9. Landing the MIG21 F15 kill i had on the 104th server /edit, looks like the links to the youtube video's didnt work so i put hte links here until i get them to work
  10. This is where i will "showcase" my videos, please dont hesitate to make comments if you think something could be made better :)
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