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  1. I might be mistaking here but as far as i have been reading then the F5E Tiger II was capable of carying and launching the AGM12B Bullpup, but i cannot see it on the list of weapons. Any reason why this one is not included? (if this have already been explained then i appologize for this post)
  2. Well i am not just guessing here, ED have stated during the first half of the year and Cobra have stated and this have been quoted several times in this thread that from announcement to release will be a short time. I am not one of those people just demanding the release i am looking forward to it which is why i am saying that i am hoping for it next month but of course they have to take the time it takes to make it goods which is also why i am saying that i am not expecting it.
  3. Well Cobra have stated that there would be a short time during announcement and release, i am not expecting but hoping for a realease sometime during next month.
  4. Okay thank you very much :)
  5. This might sound bad but i am really looking forward to the second update so we can have the announcement for the Viggen :D
  6. I have been playing around with the NADIR navigation in the Gazelle and i am probably doing a mistake but let me write exactly how i am doing and then maybe someone can guide in the right direction. I wanted to add waypoints in the NADIR but in the top line (N) it only lets me write 5 digits instead of the entire 6 digits. the below turn knop i put in Terre and the top one i put in BUT (sitting at work at the moment not sure if that is the name but the one all the way to the right). I then press 1 to choose the waypoint i want to edit and then press Enter to enter the editing mode. I then delete the 5 digits that is written in the display and press 2 for N after that it only lets me add 5 digits in the display, i then press the down arrow to enter the second line where i delete all the digits, press 6 for E and enter the digits. In the E line it lets me enter all 6 digits of the coordinates but then it will not accept the line when i press the enter button (guessing because it is 6 digits and the top line only is 5 digits). Only writing the 5 digits gets you very close to where you want to go but not entirely on "target". So is it me doing something wrong here or is it how the real system works (if it is then i am fine with it, just wanna know if it is me doing something wrong).
  7. Yea me to, cannot wait to play around with that radar and hopefully the BK90's als ;)
  8. The latest news from ED says first half of 2016 so i am guessing before end of June but as always everything is subject to change :)
  9. Then you should try flying the KA50 after you been flying the Gazelle, then you can talk about easy :)
  10. I am not having these problems at the moment and have also been flying her for a couple of hours. On takeoff i am not even using half right rudder when hovering it is about half rudder, not experiencing any problems at all. I actually thinks she might be easier to put into a hover than the Huey is. I am not using any curves or anything on my joystick and pedals, out of the box so to speak :)
  11. So Cobra will we have the Viggen available for the next blue flag campaign as i would love to do fast low level strike missions on enemy airfields :D Pretty please! :D
  12. I think we might get an announcement on April 1 as you say, because Cobra is just THAT guy ! :) But i believe he have stated that there will be a short time between announcement and release so i believe that from announcement to release will be 1 or maybe 2 weeks (everything is guess work ;) ) I actually have 2 more questions about this bird, it says that it have a "centralkalkylator" but is that only for the HUD and maybe CCIP / CCRP calculations or does it have FBW as the Mirage? Also does it have IFF?, i can kinda see why it would not have IFF as it is a strike aircraft and the only A-A is Aim9 where you are normally close enough for VID before you launch but it would still be nice to have ;)
  13. Am i the only one that cannot wait to try and land the Viggen on this bad boy ! :) http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=162569&page=4
  14. I can wait for it and do not mind waiting for a good product. Will buy on the first day of release
  15. I am not sure about release today, i mean it would be a nice and surprising way to do but so far all the releases we have had (that i know of) have been with atleast a couple of weeks pre purchase (i think the F86 Sabre was 5 days pre purchase). But i would support a release today and will have my credit card ready just in case :)
  16. Well Cobra have informed that it will be a short time from the announcement to the actual release day. I do not think it will be the same day but more in the terms of 1 week from announcement to release. *edit: as far as i know then LN have been developing their own AG radar
  17. Well WW2 sounds like an awesome idea, just curious how you are going to solve the Transport part of the campaign / capturing airfields (guessing FARPS will no longer be a part of it) ;) But looking forward to bringing the 109 and 190 into some serious use :D
  18. Sim Flyer

    Radar lock

    Hey I am having some problems with the M2000C's radar, when i have a contact on the radar i lock him one time and i can see him on the HUD but when i try to lock him the second time to get guidance for the 530 then the radar turns blank and all contacts dissapear even the one i am trying to lock up. Is this a confirmed bug or me doing something wrong?
  19. I do really like this cockpit and really excited on trying the radar and the mavericks (anyone know which version of Mavericks we are getting?), i can also see that it was a good thing i didnt get rid of my old Saitek Fly joystick as i now have one for the A-G missile (small joystick oon the left side i presume).
  20. Okay and i am guessing that tanks give a stronger radar reflection than the ground does but will it be able to differ between smaller objects like tanks and vehicles or maybe only bigger objects like houses? Edit: Just realised (is that how you spell it?) that it is probably the same way that the F18's radar works :S
  21. Here comes another radar question, has anyone seen how the radar display looks like and in A-G mode does it look like the F18 where things that are "higher" than the ground gets lighter or darker colour than the background?
  22. I can confirm this so if it in the beginning doesnt show as you have it after you press the "get free" button then just wait 5-10 minutes then it should work.
  23. I am a litle confused about how good the AJS-37's radar actually was, as far as i can understand it can spot air targets for you and show you the distance (and maybe slave AIM9 seekerhead to the target) and i also believe i read somewhere it can also be used to find ships and lock them on but can it also be used to find targets when over land or it is the MK1 eyeball for that?
  24. I have now received my key and can now fly the A10C red flag campaign, damn this work day is long ;) In case someone does not know how to get it, then sign in with your login on the Eagle Dynamic website, go to the campign under E-shop, Campaigns, choose "more" on the A10C campaign (or the F15 if you didnt preorder in time to get both) and there you cna choose get free or show key (something like that).
  25. Must have missed that :( Will keep my patience and see what happens :)
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