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  1. It doesnt mention the range at 500 ml AGL?, as far as i can calculate that is about 1600 feet so that should give some decent extra range
  2. I have done some more testing now and what really makes me confused is when i make the mission and test it out in SP then it works fine but as soon as i try the misison in MP then the radios does not work and it was the same for all of us (6 people flying the mission had the same problem, where they have no problems with the radios when they are flying on other servers).
  3. I dont know if this have been answered before but does someone know how much range there is on the BK90 at higher altitudes, i know about the 10 km at 50 ft and at 0,9m but when you are going at 0,9m then 10 km doesnt seem very safe if the enemy have air defenses as 10 km goes pretty damn fast at that speed ;)
  4. That is true, INS pereferable for a pre planned target when you want to do a pop up attack but if you are surprised by a sam site then the option we used with the normal CCRP works fine aswell. Although without the laser the GBU is not very accurate, have heard that the normal MK82's are more accurate. Edit: When we did the pop up attack with the GBU12 i could barely see the airfield but since it will be lased in then your lock with the radar doesnt have to be very accurate and then you can designate with the radar outside threat range of sam sites.
  5. I am not sure this have anything to do with easy comms, i never got my radio to work but one of our members respawned into another plane, then the comms menu was working but if he closed the comms menu then he couldnt get it back out again. All that happens when we press the comms menu is that we get a mouse cursor and when i got to external view i am also unable of moving the view around with the mouse. Edit: Ofcourse i will have to check this when i get home from work so i can really sure
  6. Hey everyone I am pretty new in mission building but yesterday i tried to build a traning misison for our squadron for A-A refueling. I put in the mirage as client, set in a IL78 following waypoints, saved it and started an MP server with this mission, when we entered the server and unpaused the game the radios did not work, when pressing the radio button nothing happens (same radio button that works fine in other MP servers like Open Conflict and 104th server), for some members it helped to respawn into another plane but even then from time to time it stopped working for them. Is this a bug in the game or is it an error code 40 (the error is about 40 cm from the screen) :helpsmilie::cry::pilotfly::joystick:
  7. If you hear anything more about that media coverage please also post it here.
  8. Yea i have a friend who have a nice theory about today aswell ;)
  9. Did the Gripen take over as a strike aircraft allready at that time or did they think it was not necessary with a strike aircraft as they didnt see any potential enemy?
  10. Yea just seen now that it was developed in 2004 and Viggen was retired in 2005 so no sense in making the Viggen capable of using this version all though it would have been awesome :) Someone gotta start making the Gripen for dcs :D
  11. I might be an optimist here (and a bit naiv for getting the information from wikipedia) but first of all, someone in here asked if the RBS15 could be used for land targets and the answer was only the new one that was designed to be operated on ships (as stated below). RBS-15 Mk. IIIRange over 200 km, with land attack capability.[2] New warhead (increased penetration and insensitive munitions qualification) from TDW. There is only a ship launched version. Production started in 2004. New oval launch tubes instead of the old box type.[3] But then i saw the next line and started wondering if this missile was ever used on the Viggen or if it was only used on Gripen. RBS-15F ERAircraft launched version of the Mk. III Anyone knows anything about this?
  12. I have got one question about the radar of the AJS37 Viggen and its use in A-A engagements that hopefully someone here can answer. As i have understood then the A-A part of the radar is exactly the same as the A-G, the radar have just been "turned" to look up instead of down. Am i wrong to assume that this radar will be "useless" against low flying aircraft as they will just dissapear into the "ground"?
  13. Might not have made myself clear, 1 round at a time. Finish round 9 and then hopefully we get the Vietnam war scenario :) There are servers playing MIG21 vs F5 but it is just not the Blue Flag scenario :) To ciribob (and all of BS team): Do not throw in the towel on this project, i think eveyrone is just frustrated because of the DC issue. But i think i speak for the majority when i say that this is a great project for DCS :D
  14. A vietnam was scenario with F5 vs MIG21 would be awesome (dont forget the UH1 and the MI8).
  15. I was trying the server yesterday aswell and within 1 hour had two disconnects which can be really annoying when you just spend time alligning the Mirage and setting up the flight plan just to be disconnected while taxiing to the runway (not only me, there were 43 people on the server, when i checked the server just seconds after my disconnect there were only 8 people remaining on the server).
  16. Yesterday we were 2 guys trying to play on the blue flag server, first i get disconnected (timed out) after about 15-30 minutes together with about half the server. I managed to get back in but after about 20 minutes again everyone on the server got disconnected. FYI :)
  17. This is really some interesting reading :D
  18. That sounds like 2 more weeks ;) Thanks for the update though it is appreciated :thumbup:
  19. I think (hope) you are wrong about this also, i base this on the information we received earlier this year from ED stating that the Viggen would be released within the first 6 months of 2016, obviously that turned out to be not correct but i do believe that it can only mean that the Viggen was very closed and have encountered some unforeseen problems. My personal believe (unqualified guesswork) would be that we would see the Viggen maybe in this month if we are lucky and if we are not lucky then latest at the end of next month.
  20. This is indeed a very nice cockpit, cannot wait to start interacting with it and learning how to use this plane :)
  21. I would love the idea of a player manned AWACS flight in DCS, imagine how Blue flag would be with that ! :)
  22. I can only agree that an E-2 would be very interesting for DCS and i would fly it aswell
  23. I wouldnt mind flying with you. Do you have steam, if you do add me there. steam: Mr-DillinG
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