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  1. Is any of you guys having problems with the knobs where you manually select the frequency's? Also i have managed to get simple radio to work but i guess i have to do some more studying about the radio system in the Viggen (alot of different buttons) :)
  2. Wasn't my best english ;) The question was if they are working and i got my answer, thank you :)
  3. I tried this on tuesday night and my BK90's were dropping in pair just fine :huh: On another note about the BK90's are they working in MP now as i am really enjoying this weapon :D
  4. Okay, when looking down through the nose gap it doesnt look that big with me but i am also using glasses dont know if that makes a differense in this matter.
  5. This is really one of the first things you notice, how small the cockpits are in some planes and how big it is in the A10C Another awesome feeling is when you close the canopy for the first time and really get that "now this got real tight" feeling in the mirage (and also the Viggen)
  6. Hello I do not know if this exist or if this is something that is on ED's to do list but since i got my VR headset mission planning have been starting to become a litle bit more difficult as i have to either keep taking off my headset everytime i have to write a set of coordinates down on a piece of paper or jump between the F10 map and the computer in the Viggen between every set of coordinates. What i mean with interactive kneeboard is like a piece of paper that we can write stuff on like coordinates or things needed for the mission while we are still in the cockpit or the F10 map. Dont know if i am the only one who would like this or if everyone else is happy the way it is :thumbup:
  7. I think that is realistic enough, as far as i know the SA10 is capable of launching at you without triggering the launch warning on the RWR.
  8. This estimated position will this be more accurate the more times you have it registered on the pod or will it be the same accuracy no matter how many times it have been registered?
  9. This seems like a very nice feature and as the others have been saying, finally recon flight does really make a difference, i have got some questions regarding those coordinates in the previous post. From what i can see and read from the post of Ragnar then these coordinates will form kinda like a box where the radar will be somewhere inside, anywhere where we can input these coordinates in an easy way to find these coordinates?
  10. This is indeed something specific for the Viggen (other countries are using it aswell with other planes, i have seen a video of F18 from Finland landing on normal roads). Here you can see how it works, the take off starts at around the 2:18 marker
  11. Hello Sorry if this have already been answered in some of these posts, as far as i have seen the QFE on a target is vissible in the kneepages but only on the pre planned waypoints from the mission editor, not if you input your own waypoints like in a blue flag type of mission. Is there some other way of knowing the QFE on the different places on the map or we will just have to live with being more unprecise in for instance blue flag?
  12. Thank you for all the answers, seems like i have to try a new program (ReLive) :)
  13. Actually i dont think so, in the manual it is stated that the weapon will drop to approach altitude as soon as it is released, the approach altitude can apparently be set from the cockpit so i do not think that will make a difference. Although i have no real knowledge on this so it is basically guesswork, maybe someone that really knows can comment?
  14. Oh yea cannot wait to sit in this cockpit with my Oculus Rift :D
  15. @DigitalEngine: Thank you very much for your time to make these kind of instructions, it helped me a lot and now i am finally getting good FPS in VR (using the Oculus Rift but it still helped me alot)! :D
  16. Hey Is Anyone using plays.tv to record your DCS sessions? I am having a major problem with it, it only seems to record from i am starting up DSC and until i am choosing a server to join, as soon as i join the server it stops recording, i tried manual recording as well but doesnt seem to change anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  17. 9 is problably choose waypoint as he presses on the B2 button on the right side directly after and i can only speculate but i guess the B2 is waypoint 2. But cannot wait to start playing around with this navigation system :D Maybe Cobra can confirm?
  18. I dont think anyone here have to expect a release tomorrow as Cobra have stated that they will be working on it over the christmas, i think best case scenario is that they start the pre purchase with maybe a rough estimate for a release date.
  19. That would be very helpfull :D
  20. Yea thats some nice commercial and very nice done by saab :D
  21. This is not correct, there was an interview with Cobra when they were already Leatherneck and he stated that they were very interested in a MIG23 but it would not be their next project.
  22. We are getting there!!!
  23. I think that it will be recorded by twitch automatically (if LN has enabled it). I am really hoping they do the same thing as i might not make it :)
  24. Hoping that you are right but highly doubting it as it would be very close to the release of the ED spitfire. But lets hope that LN proves you right tonight :)
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