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  1. I managed to get the shrike to work, but dont hear any lock warning, anyone managed to get the Walleye to work? Is the camera supposed to show on the radar screen? :joystick::joystick:

  2. Yea dont think the AV8B will make a very good anti ship platform, then you would have to get close enough for Mavericks which can be very tricky and depending on ship type i think they need more than one maverick to kill.



    /off topic

    Why would you not recommend the Viggen for a good anti-ship platform, the RB15 is a very capable anti ship missile.

  3. You can do level CCRP, but my understanding is that the HUD symbology is not finished, so as it stands right now its really hard to hit your mark because of this. I plan on doing some more testing tonight in this area, if I find anything of interest Ill try to make another video.




    Ok, just what i was hoping for.



    Cant wait to get my hand on this module :)

  4. Yes end of the month, my best guess would be november 29 or 30, i know some people are speculating that it will be november 24 as that is the last friday of the month but i do not believe it will be november 24.

  5. We will probably not hear a clear answer to this but my guess is that it has something to do with the fact, that the module will come with carrier which will probably be a separate module in case of ED products like F-18C so they had to change the price to reflect this and make it in line with future releases. But that is just my guess.




    Seems like a reasonable guess and i have no problem with the new pricetag just think the lack of information is weird, could also be just a typo and it is still 59.99.

  6. Well i do not have a problem with if people is buying ea products or not that is there choice (i have already purchased the harrier as i have been looking forward for this one for a long time). But i find it weird that the price have been changed from 59,99 USD (info from the newsletter) to 69,99 USD without any official information.



    Although this might just be me that have missed this information.



    At work right now so looking through the forums when i have the time to see if i can find any information from ED (no luck so far).

  7. I am not having difficulties on A-A refueling the Mirage, really enjoying it but i believe it is refueling very fast or am i wrong, once connected with about 20% fuel left feels like jus 1 min then it is fully refueled while, i am aware that it have smaller tanks than the F15 and the SU33 but still feels very fast to me.

  8. For me when dealing with targets of opportunities i am using unguided rockets which seems to be fairly accurate even with wrong QFE (or QNH dont remember which one the viggen is using) or Mavericks, havent really been playing around to much with the command guided rocket but maybe i should start, sounds like fun :D

  9. See here. I wouldn't really call it a tutorial, especially not a good one, but may be enough to get you started. :)


    As for the frequency knobs, each has two parts, lower (wider), and upper (thinner). The lower left controls the first two digits, the upper one controls the last digit in front of the decimal. The lower right controls 1st digit after the decimal, while the upper right controls the last two digits (00-25-50-75).

    Like firmek said, use the scrollwheel, don't drag.




    Yes, both.


    This helped alot, thank you for the help :D

  10. Yes for isntance i cant get it to 126.000, i can get the 126 with no problem but it seems like the last 3 digits doesnt go any lower than 200 or any higher than 475.


    Also does anyone have a good tutorial on the radio's in the Viggen?

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