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  1. This QRH has helped me so many times while learning the FA-18C, and it's still being updated All the awesome-sauce is all yours, sir. If ever there were an A-10C version of the QRH, I'd not be disinclined to downloading it too
  2. Many thanks. Didn't look for "stuttering", which is why I couldn't find it. Report actually happened here: Guess we'll have to wait and see a bit longer
  3. I'm still having this issue. It seems far worse in my system than in the video above. It's been nearly five months already, so I thought I might check to see if this might have gotten forgotten?
  4. ED! Please finally make this minor fix a reality. It would be sooooo useful
  5. Hi bn880, Could you give me a tip. How do you unscrew the retaining nut from the Autopilot Engage/Disengage button? The space between the flat edges of the retaining nut and the side of the well is so narrow that I can even fit a needle-nose plier in to unscrew the retaining nut. Do you have a tip for me?
  6. Yup, the title say it all.... okay, not really. Every time and in every aircraft that I'm in at an airfield, whether just spawning in, or having landed there, when I call the crew chief and ask for Rearm & Refuel, in the graphic for setting what to load, when I move my mouse pointer to the hardpoints-boxes under the wings and fuselage DCS suddenly lags immensely -- mouse lags (absolutely no mouse pointer movement) for about 1 second and then I can move it for about 0.5 seconds and then lag again for 1 second again, this for the entire time the mouse pointer is over one of the
  7. You can copy text, not graphics. Text from the chat window can be copied. Text rendered and displayed somewhere in the cockpit are only graphics at that point and can therefore not be copied. It would require OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to do that, which is far from trivial with even professional system not being perfect. Read text you want to record off the cockpit and type it into the scratch-pad. It's as simple as that. Don't know how to use the 10-finger system of typing so you cannot use a keyboard without staring at it? It seems that you "lack". There are hun
  8. Yes, you just sit normally in your seat and press the re-center VR camera button again, and everything will be back to normal.
  9. The "Flashlight" in the Hornet is a hand-held-lamp, mounted on the rear, right cockpit wall. I don't recall that you needed to turn the battery on for it to work, but maybe. I the A-10C the flashlight was only just added due to popular request. Even though it is in the category "Right Console" there is nothing else in the category and I'm guessing it was simply copied from a different module and left as it is. I just tried it, and starting in an A-10C II Tank Killer cold and dark at 2am local time, no moon, no nothing, pitch black out there, it works as the very first g
  10. If you are flying in VR, the re-center VR button is your best friend. Lean forward until your head is above the control stick and press re-center and then sit back again. Your view is now emitting from close to your headrest and you can easily look down at all the radios to make all the adjustments to your heart's content without having to do acrobatics -- works on the other console as well
  11. RFI I fly in VR, but am often outside VR for mission editing etc. Not seldom while not in VR while using Scratch Pad I move it off to the side. Then when I'm back in VR the scratch pad is still way off to the side, but now it's outside my VR viewing window, and since it's outside the window and locked outside my ability to reach it with my mouse to move it back to where I can see it again. My RFI is to have a re-center hotkey. It would do nother other than have the scratch pad window move to the center of which ever display I'm currenting using so that I can see it agai
  12. After adding new waypoints in the normal fashion and going to create a new Flight Plan, I've noted that none of the new waypoints appear in the TAD until after they have been added to the new Flight Plan. Is there anyway to make then appear on the TAD before implementing them into a Flight Plan, to addid in setting up the new Flight Plan?
  13. OMG this is actually they way it is supposed to work?!? In the AV-8B-NA Harrier the throttle is even more complex and RAZBAM has made it work logically without forcing the virtual pilot to the keyboard to move the throttle, when I already have it mapped to a throttle-lever axis. Harrier: You cannot move the (in-cockpit) throttle from 'Stop' to 'Idle' without operating the sim's throttle-finger-lift. In RL the throttle-finger-lift is spring loaded holding it in the downward position. The finger-lift has a cutout in its stem. The finger-lift is mounted with a rail
  14. I've always had the 'save view' option checked. I'm also very aware to save the view with <RAlt><NUM-0>. It seems to me DCS is saying, "you are using an HMD, so we will ignore what you have saved and let you reset your camera view again, just because". That's the way it acts anyway.
  15. Hmmm... I'll have to try un-ticking it to see what happens.
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