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  1. Might it have been added to the HMD settings page?
  2. Thanks snoop, you always have the skinny. And I knew the A-10 was better than the Hornet.
  3. If you want to invert the gun's elevation control, try inverting the mouse look bind. The gun's POA is normally slaved to your LOS, expect when TrackIR gun in turned off, so I imagine the mouselook bind is controlling the gun that way. If you invert mouselook it'll probably do what you want, without effecting your camera control since that's TIR.
  4. RE taking on SAMs in the hog, I think it's pretty fun to use the RWR method to find a SAM whose exact position you don't know. You can fly on two bearings ~90° apart, and create overhead markpoints when the threat crosses your 3/9 line. Then use the OFFSET function to create a markpoint 90° offset from each of your overhead points. Then you create a flightplan to connect up the 4 points to make an 'X' and the SAM will be where the lines cross. If that explanation isn't clear there's a pretty good video somebody did a few years back that goes over it in detail. It's a pretty fun challenge, and
  5. I use dominant eye only, (right eye.) I assume the scorpion in right eye only, meaning that if you're a left-eye-dominant A-10 driver you'd better get used to having a headache for a few weeks. I know guys who fly DCS who use both eyes for medical reasons, so use it however it makes you comfortable.
  6. For the time being, until we get the DTC update, There is the 'Prepare Mission' function. This is in the ME when you go to the 'Fly' drop down menu. A lot of people don't know that this allows you to preset your aircraft. If you start a mission in Prepare mode, any avionics settings you change will be saved in the mission file on exit. So in this way, you can make a flightplan in the ME that has all the waypoints you want to have, then go to prepare mission and delete that FP, but use all those tasty waypoints to bid your own FPs. This will also save added WPs if you need more than 30, so you
  7. I'm using this on Blender 2.91, and I got a mod exported and finished, great work! but I started a second one, and This is what I get when I attempt to export:
  8. How do you call net code from a mission? I don't think I've ever seen that done without use of the API.
  9. Thanks toutenglisse. I still had to modify MiST itself to work with Liveries on ground units, as it's disabled by default, but at least I got it working.
  10. I just use the old template and delete the panel. It's not too hard to find. Other then that they're the same.
  11. There is a probability control at the top of every group's panel in the mission editor. The other option would be a reasonably straightforward script to pick random things to spawn from a list. But if you're not into scripting, the probability control should work. I don't think the probability control exists for static objects, but you can set a group to TAKEOFF FROM RAMP and check the UNCONTROLLED box in the group properties. Same deal.
  12. If you're going the script route, add a trigger with the type ONCE and TIME MORE THAN 1 second. Then the action is DO SCRIPT, and you just copy and paste that script (or a modified version for whatever you want to do) in the text box. If you want to trigger a sound file, you can do that via scripting, or using the Trigger only method outlined above, you can just add the SOUND TO COALITION action.
  13. I would 100% encourage you to script this. I like using MiST for respawning units, and it's really easy. You can even use mist.teleportInZone to have them spawn in a random point in your trigger zone. The possibilities this opens are endless. I regularly write little scripts like this, and have MiST assign a randomized route to the group that it spawns. The MiST documentation on hoggit wiki is really good https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Mission_Scripting_Tools_Documentation and so is there standard DCS wiki https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Category:Scripting
  14. You can add submenus via script, but you still can't load a mission from those. I'll second this should be in Mission scripting.
  15. This is a bit of a necro post, but I hate when nobody answers my questions. I use MiST for logging, since it can serialize tables and drop them straight in the log. So you'll load up mist before your script, then at the top of your script run something like GizmokevLog = mist.Logger:new("Gizmokev") Then whatever you need to log, you can do so like this: GizmoevLog:msg(MarkerCoord) This scales, so you could even log EventData if you want to look at the whole thing. I've done stuff like this before, and I use S_EVENT_MARK REMOVE (id 27) because otherwise it may try to
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