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  1. Personally I wouldn't worry too much about manually trimming. The SAS will correct automatically anyway. I haven't looked in the -10 specifically for trim settings, but either way I wouldn't worry about it. If you do feel the need to trim, set T/O trim and confirm illumination first.
  2. There are certainly some interesting posts there, but from what I've seen nothing is made to dimensions. I'll have to see how some of those projects turn out. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Hello all, I'm looking for reference for the cyclic and collective sticks for the '64. I'm planning on starting a project to 3D print replicas and I could use your help. I'm looking for either good reference images with dimensions, or ideally, a scale 3D model. I'm sure an enterprising researcher can find archival reference from a test report, production contract, etc. Just be mindful of the forum's rules and ITAR. Please post anything you think I might find helpful below. Thanks!
  4. Multicrew is a make it or break it feature for me. A multicrew Kiowa is the upcoming module I'm most excited about. A non-multicrew Kiowa would be the only helicopter module I didn't buy, given I bought the gazelle when it 'had milticrew.'
  5. Turns out it does pass IC. It's for the huey, but the relevant line is easy to find. It's the first or second command. Copy that line to the appropriate files for other aircraft, they all work the same in this regard. I've checked it on the spit and the 109, I assume it works the same for everything else.
  6. Discord servers are being super dodgy right now, so I'll post this here: Does anybody know if there is a common problem that causes liberation to miss aircraft that are shot down, and show up in the json file? I've checked the json file and there's a whole big list of aircraft shot down, but liberation says "aircraft destroyed 0" The log is full of errors like this "2021-02-23 23:32:49,998 :: ERROR :: Could not find Flight matching unit|34|103|4|F-14A-135-GR| Pilot #1"
  7. +1 the technology existed in 1943. I know there's a mod out there, but I doubt it passes IC. *edit* It does pass IC, link below.
  8. For warbirds, the main advantages of using the flaps are that it I creases power required, which means higher RPM, which makes the engine more responsive to small corrections, and decreasing required AOA, which allows better visibility, and better "purchase" for the gear. Germans landed three-point, so if you land without flaps you can actually come down tail-wheel first. The spitfire pilots did the "British push" in which they landed on the main gear, then pushed forward on the stick slightly to "milk" the tailwheel down. The flaps on the spit reduce AOA enough to kee
  9. I also saw other references to os.execute, so I belive it does in fact work. Note that if you start a process it'll come up "on top" of DCS.
  10. Failing that, you can have the script write to a temporary file, and have a batch file running through a loop to read it. That's how I have my server auto restart system working. This also required you to desanitize, but it's another option.
  11. I've tried the mod out, and for some reason aircraft don't collide properly. When starting on the deck, they spawn halfway though, and when landing they sink down too far.
  12. Will this work with this mod here?
  13. So does this also allow any aircraft to get carrier comms? I'd really like to be able to get clearance and LSO callouts in a spitfire.
  14. The TOT setting basically determines when to spawn the aircraft. Aircraft with an ASAP TOT will spawn at mission type. Let's say the ASAP comes to +10 minutes. If you then set the TOT to +20, the aircraft will spawn 10 minutes into the mission so that they'll reach their target at T+20. If TOT is set to 0, they'll spawn at mission start, and get to the target at T+10 since it's the fastest they can possibly get there. TLDR; Anything from T+0 to the default ASAP setting makes no difference in the mission. As far as getting aircraft airborne before the enemy arrives,
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