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  1. Would like to see a Hawker Hunter F6.
  2. I've been spending time on the Syria map doing dusk/night flying and have a question about several cockpit gauges not being illuminated. I know there are a pair of lighting rheostats at each of the 3 cockpit stations, left seat, right seat and flight engineer. But how do I get the pilots radar altimeter, hover indicator and EPR gauge to be illuminated? The right seat panel with the doppler systems as well. Am I missing some lighting switches somewhere? Syria map is fantastic BTW! Edit... when in doubt peruse the Chuck guide
  3. The Mi-24 webpage was interesting. There's also one on the Mi-8 in Afghanistan http://otvaga2004.ru/boyevoe-primenenie/boyevoye-primeneniye04/afgan-mi-8/
  4. Brilliant! Kiwi Skyhawk just in time for the holiday. Many thanks!
  5. Downloaded this campaign last weekend and flew the first 5 missions. Fantastic work!
  6. what stick/pedal set up are you using? Throttle for a collective or something nicer?
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