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  1. Yes . Hopefully, it doesn't stop people who don't have it from joining a multiplayer session. Also, if you don't buy it and it's in the game it essentially becomes part of the core, no?
  2. Cat I is 25 Cat III is 16 to 18 There also use to be Cat II (A model) but there isn't a switch for it, hence the I and III only.
  3. I wasn't aware that DCS had an alq-184 in its current state. I am speaking real world tactics in it's current state.
  4. If you're only using Agm's you're really limiting yourself. A better option is multiple aircraft with a dynamic range of weapons. Also don't forget that Sfw are great Sead/dead as well.
  5. Depends on who this you is you're referring to. RPG's are used vs infantry all the time in the middle east, not just IFV's and Tanks. Maybe not by textbook, but war never is. That goes for US forces as well (AT4/Goose). It also doesn't have to kill you, shrapnel takes you out of the fight and anyone having to fix you.
  6. Tech orders and aircraft config manuals. The manual explains max airspeed, and G-limits for all configurations. The manuals usually doesn't cover fuel tanks though. Also eval teams will determine what's safe for flight and add them to the manuals
  7. And no one has mentioned SFW's? Interesting... ...but anyone mentioning the HTS is right. Once you have it you can pretty much use any weapon for this purpose.
  8. 1. AOA 2. Roll rate 3. Reduced pilot rudder command limit Cat 1 and 3 definitely work.
  9. Thank you. I will give that a try as well and report back.
  10. Sorry for the delayed response. I have the (Speakers) Realtek High definition audio selected.
  11. Good morning f4l0, I am using the same sound card for output and usb headphones. For default playback I am using my realtek high definition audio and headset as default communication device. For Input I have stereo mix(listen to) as default sending sound to my headset and the headset microphone as default communication device. I am not using voicemeter.
  12. You also have to account for flutter. It's a longer much more complicated phrase that I can't remember but it's a feature that keeps the cg of the wing forward of the twist axis. In simple terms, have an amraam or aim-9 on the tip rather than running clean to not have flutter. *I also forgot to mention the Amraam is longer and heavier so it's better at it than the aim-9 would be.
  13. Hello all, I was curious if anyone has run into a recent problems with getting extra feedback on butt-kicker(extra vibrating) and in headset(clipping noise). *Update* I have narrowed it down to some of the settings in Sim shaker for Aviators. -G-feeling is creating a loud buzzing in headset and excessive feedback to butt-kicker. -Flaps is creating multiple flap adjustment sounds at random. -Engine rumble is making a popping noise in USB headset but not bad enough to worry. When I turn these settings off everything else is fine. Any suggestions?
  14. DI is lower as you said with aim-120's on 1,2,8,9 and aim-9's on 3 and 7. Standard CAP load out can vary per SOP, for example 3 x aim-120's and 1 x aim-9 or 4 aim-120's. Load outs can also be asymmetrical or symmetrical.
  15. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=241132
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