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  1. Hello ED team, the radio calls are kind of "classic" or "evergreen" and sometimes funny like "two, rolling". (How to hell can he roll when he is still on the runway?!?!) But in fact the radio calls have nothing to do with the reality. I have the deep desire to have radio calls close to real because all would be MUCH FASTER and the informations are important for saefty and combat. On Ground/Tower as examble: "Dodge21 , Tower, cleared to taxi runway 09 via Charly, Bravo, Alpha. QNH 2987, Wind 030, 15!" (read back ... ) "21 , Tower, cleared for take off 09" "Tower, 21 , leaving CTR, pushing tactical..." Request wind, request active runway QNH, QFE, holding points and so on and so on ... AWACS as examble: "21, Darkstar, two groups, range 20. Lead group London 340, 20 , 30 thousand, hostile" "21, Darkstar , engage bandit London 340, 15, 25 thousand!" or "21, Darkstar, commit 340!" Wingman as examble: "22 , 21 , engage!" "22!" "22, 21, go line right" "22!" "22, 21 , battle ceck" "22 , four , sero, two, plus, 6 thousand" I know, there are differend standards and procedures but NATO standard would be fine. Okay- it`s just a wish by me. I know, your team has many playgrounds and other important projects. Cheers Tom
  2. Thank you ED team for the very latest update. Now I can fly in VR and all runs smooth and the clouds looks like in RL. A big deal! Thank you very much! Yes- For now I`m very very happy. Cheers Tom
  3. Well , yes. I agree. The maneuvering of the AI has nothing to do with close combat fighting. The turns are pretty predictable. On the other hand: If you own a complex modern module and you do a long mission with ALL the actions you have to do and not just starting the aircraft, run into combat, shoot like hell and sometimes landing …. I mean , a really complex mission with all the aspects and actions, limitations, checks, calls, handling and tactics, then a simple dogfight is not on prio one. In fact most of the DCS users are great dogfighters but most would fail while performing a simple CAP including AA-Refuel from start to end even without enemies. Think, it depends of what you want. Training and complex missions or "just" wild dogfighting. But yes- Often I was thankful for the bad AI performance in dogfighting after a long flight into the combat area. Cheers Tom
  4. "4) one guy said the jitters went away after 4 days, without doing anything at all. " sounds more like a joke to me
  5. Hi, just my two cents … The water looks very nice to me. Waves , structure all is fine and looks realistic. But the reflections of clouds seems to be to much. I flew some years close to the Baltic sea and Northern sea. And I never saw that reflections I have now in DCS. So I switched the detail level of water to "medium" which is fine to me. In result: Water - great job, ED! But reflections are way to much. Cheers Tom
  6. Yeah right. In fact I disengaged tacview because multiplay were not possible any more. I think that something went wrong but I`m not pretty sure if this is an ED or Tacview error. Cheers Tom
  7. Looks almost photorealistic to me. Very very beautiful work! I will use it, when Barthek has finished his dark magic. I`m very happy to see progress - Thank you very much. Cheers Tom
  8. Hm … maybe. But the core members which purchased a lot of ED modules using VR nowadays. For me- the option to use VR googles is the striking argument for DCS. So ED is correct when they pushed the issues into highly priority section of development. I really hope the team will be able to fix the cloud jiggling problem soon. The new cloud system is a big step forward but spent me a lot of motion sickness. Cheers Tom
  9. Yeah - same here. Overall, the performance is very fine and 2.7 is running very smooth for me. But an increasing number of users while multiplay (arround 25 or more) causing stutters even when the graphic settings are low. It fells like it is caused by the update rate of the hosting server. In generell I not join sessions with more them 20 players these days. Cari saluti a Italia. (Questa firma è di Leonardo da Vinci - è corretto? Conosco solo la citazione in tedesco.) Cheers Tom
  10. Yupp -same here. Plus : in Multiplay Jester call "Bolter" everytime, even when you catch the wire. Well - It could be possible, that some adjustments must be done by the HeatBlur team. Secondo me, all that things are not a showstopper but it would be nice if these are fixed at some day. Same as the crew animation while take off. That deck crew member who is using a rod into the launch system, is diving into the Tomcat shape when he stands up. Cheers and cari saluti, Tom
  11. Same here - I got motion sickness . So far it`s not usable for me- so sad. I have waiting so long for this kind os update. I really hope they can fix it soon. Cheers Tom
  12. I did it for Falcon BMS 4.33. That area is very important and the Falcon drivers loved that terrain! That is one of the most important area of Europe. Please keep in mind: the falcon engine was very old and outdated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5HKQAzICIY Cheers Tom
  13. I did it for Falcon BMS 4.33. That area is very important and the Falcon drivers loved that terrain! That is one of the most important area of Europe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5HKQAzICIY <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/w5HKQAzICIY" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Cheers Tom
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