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  1. Hello sublime. USLANTCOM vCVW-11 is recruiting right now and they need RIOs. I am training right now there as a pilot. We need pilots and RIOs who can commit to several hours per month and stick to the program. I recommend you give us a look. I would volunteer as pilot with you but I need to get better with procedures around the boat, formation flying and air refueling. Landing in the carrier is not that hard but to do it the right way is a totally different story.
  2. Reply to Thread I had the same concerns before I purchased the module but found out it's real easy to update to beta and revert to stable, if needed. Does not make sense to have two separate installations. From your ?:\DCS World\bin folder run DCS_updater.exe in command mode and type: update @ openbeta To revert to stable type: update @ release Hope this helps.
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