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  1. I just found out that the buy button on the Module Manager takes me to ED's website to purchase the modules.Another question i was wondering,if the assets pack can be used on the free Caucasus map without having the Normandy Map.
  2. I notice that EDs website has the World War II Assets Pack on sale from their website for the summer sale but it's not appearing on the module manager when i sign in,is it not available.:huh:
  3. I know ED is developing some new AI stuff like the SA-5,but i would like to see some more modern assets that i saw from Wikipedia for Russia and Georgia like the TOS-1 for russian ground forces as well as the RS-122 rocket truck for the Georgian Defense Forces as well as the updated Mi-17 Hip,Su-25KM Frogfoot for the later,so there can be more post 2008 modern scenarios in the mission editor.
  4. Okay,got it.I also noticed there is a option now in the Advanced Actions Panel for waypoints that includes aerobatics now under the Perform Task.What does this do in the mission editor.
  5. Yea,i want to know what map ED plans to utilize the Dynamic Campaign first.Will it be the Modern Caucasus map or will they give all maps a DC for both WWII and Cold War/Modern eras.
  6. Okay,thanks.How does it work.And why hasn't ED updated their user manual to include it.
  7. I want to know what the Condition Tab in the Place Aircraft,Ground and Naval units list is for that's listed under the Name Group tab in the Mission Editor.It's not mentioned in the user manual.:huh:
  8. Since ED announced it.I was wondering which map the Dynamic Campaign will work on first.Is it for the original Caucasus map or will both modern and world war two maps all get it too.
  9. I hope ED adds workable railway artillery like the 80CM Gustav and german armored trains with anti aircraft fire.
  10. Yes,hopefully they will include workable mortars into this too since it's already in game as a static object.As well as maybe railway and coastal arty for WWII also.
  11. I want any trainer that was developed by North American Aviation,i would like to see the T-6 Texan WWII one too since i'm not really that good at flying the TF-51 Mustang.:thumbup:
  12. I would like to see the Caucasus get converted to a World War II setting so you can play in two different time periods like what their planning to do to the Marianas map.
  13. Since we have self propelled arty and rocket launchers in DCS that you can control in Combined Arms.I would like to see ED add towed arty and rocket launchers from WWII to modern times to the game,so AI infantry could use it and player controlled in CA too.Not to mention it would make great use for mission creations in the mission editor.
  14. My theory is it's going to be either an EW attack jet like EA-6B Prowler or EA-18G,which would go well with the supercarrier their making.A fully detailed bomber like a B-1B Lancer or some other type.Stealth aircraft like the F-117 Nighthawk or a cargo aircraft that brings something new to the table.I don't see ED making an Apache as it doesn't seem very complex when their already making an Hind.If it's a chopper,i could see them modeling an ASW one like the SH-60 Seahawk as that would be complex and groundbreaking.
  15. Angelthunder

    A7 Corsair

    The A-7 was supposed to be the Navy's Light Attacker replacement for the A-4 Skyhawk while the Intruder took over the Nuclear Deep Strike role for the A-3 Skywarrior,it's predecessor.Both roles are now fulfilled by the Hornets and Super Hornets of today.
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