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  1. Received mine this very morning and installed it under20 mn. How could I have lived without that mod so long ??? Thanks for a great product !
  2. Any chance to get an ETA for order #6091 placed on 24th march plz ? Thanks !
  3. Hmm sorry, I can't see anything in first post about UVR Shader.... ?
  4. Well, thanks a lot !! Simplest solution is always the best ! My bad : I knew I had to get through first installation steps of Vaicom because the plane was new and standalone : not a legacy A10C upgrade.... Everything is now working great !
  5. Looks like yes, I tested FA18 with SC, wingman and ATC, HUey on a simple mission and again legacy A10C to no luck with the A10C_2 : every push on MIC Switch pops up the Comm menu, workaround is to use another radio to make that menu disapear... Edit : FYI I am on latest OB repaired with no mods and I followed post patch instructions to re-enable Vaicom Thank you !
  6. Hello ! Has anyone encountered popup of comm menu when using A10C II with Vaicom ? I checked with legacy A10C and I don't have this problem. I can speech to my wingman through Vaicom and no popup. I tested that with the Easy Instant Action mission in Caucasus in both airplanes. Thanks for any advice !
  7. Is that fantastic mod working in latest OB (.49214) please ? And will it be updated if not ? TY
  8. Thanks, but no luck with your solution... I tried with unknown sourses unchecked as well but no luck... Weird thing is that as soon as I close the Oculus app, DCS exits too. Next step is to check Oculus services.. Thank for your input anyway !
  9. Hello, I've been using your fantastic app to be able to switch easily beetween VR and 2D settings. I was using an Oculus Rift S and now I got a Valve Index. So how can I prevent DCS updater to launch the Oculus Store please ? I already have deleted the "oculus" user config of DCS updater but it keeps launching the app... I can't uninstall Oculus app cause I need it along Revive to be able to play exclusive Oculus titles... Thanks in advance !
  10. Hi ! If you're on DCS latest Open Beta I can't help you, but, if like me you're on DCS 2.5.5, tell Vaicom not to update itself then revert it to v2.5.15. Then reset Lua and repair DCS. I got it working this way on my side ! Hope it helps
  11. Incredible tool you made !! My Intuos was getting dust, now back to full use ! Thank you !
  12. Thanks, First HideOnscreen messages was unticked, I tried to tick/untick to "force" the option but to no good... So I disabled AutoUpdate of Vaicom, delete the export.lua file and replace the 2.5.16 Vaicom DLL by the 2.5.15 version, did a DCS repair then all was good to go.... Onscreen messages were back as well as subtitles ! Now playing while waiting for a VR friendly version of DCS 2.5.6....
  13. Hi all, I reverted DCS OB to for VR performance reasons, VAICOM pro 2.5.16 is working BUT I lost ONScreen messages (subtitles for voices over like Wags in A10C instant action easy mission). Another weird thing when I launch a mission there's no more the briefing screen with the Fly button : I need to ESC and RESUME to get the pause off. So, is it safe to revert VAICOM to 2.5.15 by just replacing the dll ? Will I lose all my trained speech ? Thanks for your help !
  14. I suffered from that stucking mouse bug on 2.5.6. Then I reverted back to 2.5.5 for VR performances reasons and can confirm that mouse is working fine on 2.5.5... Mirror screen is not full screen and there's no need to alt-tab at all to get it right... So defintly a 2.5.6 bug.... FYI Oculus rift S here
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