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  1. yep, that would be great especially when it's not about some exotic setups or weapons but very core of the module, which FCR for the Longbow certainly is.
  2. I fully agree about pre-order, I personally go a bit further, after the lessons I've learned in the past - I don't buy ED's EA modules at all. So - no risk for me buying something which doesn't at the end turn out exactly as 'planned'. I still think, however, that ED should be very clear about what we are and we aren't going to get. They are sure about many things to be inlcuded, if they are not about others, it should be stated clearly, so there is no doubt whatsoever. Surely it isn't strange for customers to expect no less than that?
  3. It is 'don't' for me then.
  4. We will need at least a solid confirmation that radar is coming before pre-sale starts, unless there will be a refund option in case FCR does not materialize.
  5. How is it going to affect multiplayer servers? What about players who decide not to buy this module, when mission/server uses it? EDIT: now I have read the old post from August, which seems to clarify it to some degree.
  6. OK I know what it was My DCS is always run as administrator and Stream Deck wasn't. Works now!
  7. I am based in UK, but I think R Alt is not an issue. Example - I have RIOs CAP numerical keyboard bound as NumPad keys - so no modifiers at all. I linked them the same way in Stream soft as Hotkeys and they do not register when I am in RIO seat. If I press the NumPad keys directly - they work as they should.
  8. I think I will have to give up on hotkeys and go the other way with DCS Stream Deck plugin, they are just not being registered in DCS, but are in all other programs(?)
  9. thank you, I will double check - but I think I did all as prescribed yesterday the only modifier I tried was left shift, so I guess it would work anyway? but will double check nevertheless, thanks!
  10. I am completely new to Stream Deck (got one this afternoon) but for the life of me I can't get it working with DCS. Hotkeys are just not registered, whatever I do - but they are working fine for any functions or keys outside of DCS. What obvious thing am I missing? I got it working with Export Script etc, but it should just work with hotkeys.....right?
  11. these two are worth checking out: https://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/SPECF14/F-14 Tomcat, The real star of TOPGUN https://shop.keypublishing.com/issue/View/issue/CAM2025/combat-aircraft-journal-january-2021
  12. You can drag it off the screen afaik. Useful - yes. But speed shown on the screen somewhere also would be useful in F-14. Should we have it however?
  13. that FLOLS overlay is one of the most immersion braking things ever added to DCS and yes, you only get it with SC
  14. In TWS there is no lock, so you'll never get a diamond on the HUD. On TID, you will see what order AWG-9 assigned ( I don't think Jester ever changes it) to targets. You basically just can fire when Hot trigger light is on. Tgt no. 1 is the next you will fire upon.
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