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  1. Same story for the 21 in When the mountains cry and Catch me if you can.
  2. Can confirm. No AA missiles were available yesterday. The mission was the PG one.
  3. Upd: Did you found a solution?
  4. Is the lack of ASO-2 a feature currently?
  5. Server was online, but joinable only by entering the IP manually. It happened a few days ago.
  6. Fat like for the thumbnail pic :pilotfly:
  7. Are the visible aircraft on F10 feature or i am wrong?
  8. I love you! :pilotfly::pilotfly::pilotfly:
  9. https://www.lotatc.com/documentation/dedicated.html :thumbup:
  10. Hello! Is LotATC working right now?
  11. I have tried hosting a single, absolutely simple mission, without any load triggers, but the "issue" occurs again... Again there aren't any CTD's or Not responding messages on the server's game. Here's the log. dcs.rar
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