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  1. JSFG is open for recruitment for the A-10C II under the 107th FS “Red Devils”, and the F/A-18C Hornet under VFA-82 Marauders. We will later open recruitment for the F-16C when that module is more complete. JSFG is a “Quality Over Quantity” group of highly proficient sim pilots, most of whom are pilots in the real world as well. We focus on realistic procedures, but we do not consider ourselves “milsim” - we have too much of a sense of humor to take ourselves that seriously. VFA-82 "Marauders" operates the DCS F/A-18C module. We are a multirole squadron performing air-to-air, air-to
  2. The VFA-82 Marauders is looking for pilots and is open for recruitment of all skill levels; we have a training program to give people who are motivated a solid shot at becoming an exceedingly proficient sim pilot. VFA-82 operates the DCS F/A-18C module. We are a multirole squadron performing air-to-air, air-to-ground, strike, SEAD, etc., basically everything the Hornet is meant to do. We train for large scale operations with an emphasis on realistic procedures and tactics. We have a dedicated server with the capability of running multiple scenarios, with new ones each week thanks to
  3. Full mission with CG-1; VFA-82 & VF-111. Aside from a boat accident with VF-111, the mission went really well otherwise. Enjoy!
  4. The waypoint designate button, which you're using to try to slew the TPOD to a waypoint, is literally meant to immediately plug that WP information into the selected weapon if possible. Just gotta slew back manually for now, unless it was after your last bomb, then you can waypoint designate to slave the TPOD back to a WP to look.
  5. The Hornet does not have a MWS (Missile Warning System) like the A-10C does. You will not get a warning for a heater. The only way to *know* is to see it with the ol' Mk. I Eyeball.
  6. You shouldn't be dropping flaps on the upwind, period. On BRC, 350kt, 800ft, break 1-1.5 DME ahead of the boat in about a 3.5G turn. When your speed gets to 250kt - about halfway through the turn - you drop gear and flaps. The fact that you're still in the turn prevents the nose from climbing. Roll out on downwind, get your AOA sorted (get "on speed", turn "base" when you see the round down at the back of the boat (abeam), maintain about a 30° bank and keep your VVTI (velocity vector) from dropping below 2.5° negative attitude relative to the horizon. Into the groove, call the ball, tra
  7. Couldn't figure out how to delete this one
  8. Also be aware that if you're in manual mode in TWS the radar will NOT center the elevation on the L&S target. You need to be in AUTO/BIAS for that in TWS. Otherwise, the most likely thing is that the enemy is simply flying outside of the radar scan zone vertically. I run a virtual Hornet squadron, and this is the biggest problem new & not-so-new-ish pilots in the Bug face with the radar.
  9. Basically everything everyone in here has said... BUT! Make sure you aren't pulling G's when you fire the thing. I rarely do, but sometimes I get careless and I'll let an Maverick off the rails when I'm turning a wee too hard and it'll go way off target, particularly the H/K when you force correlate.
  10. I've had this issue a few times as well, most recently last night. Respawned a new hornet and everything worked as intended - not sure what the cause is.
  11. That's not a roadmap - that's a list of planned features and I'm fully aware of its existence. What I'm asking for is different, and a timeline (or a "this is coming next section") is what I'm asking about. You half-guess-answered a question by talking about something unrelated. On another note: This community doesn't thrive on people having supercilious "Google it" responses without fully understanding what's being asked and then giving a basically unrelated answer. Please ditch that approach because there's a lot of new players in this community who might actually need help, and that
  12. Hi! Just curious if we might see a development roadmap for this module so we can see what features are coming down the pipeline to us early access adopters. This is mostly fueled by curiosity, partly by hype, and maybe a sprinkling of "I need to know what to study next!" Thanks!
  13. I know how the CCRP and CCIP functions. I also know about the out of parameters line through the fall line on the CCIP reticle. This is not an amateur mistake, this is a system not working as intended.
  14. I've been trying, seemingly in vain, to get CCRP on target, and it doesn't appear to be terribly accurate. However, more than a lack of accuracy, it drops short (by a lot) every time, so it seems like it's miscalibrated or something. I've tried playing with various settings in the stores page to no avail. Mk. 82/83/84 seems to be better for the most part. Rockeyes and CBU-99s just won't go anywhere near the target, presumably because the munitions they dispense travel on a much more arched ballistic trajectory once the casing separates, and I don't think the avionics are compensating for
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