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  1. Well in JTF-1 we fly in very large dedicated Multiplayer servers every night. I had a chance to buy the 5950X and 3090 for proper market prices when they launched and I historically will upgrade my PC every 2 years. It wasn't exactly something I needed to do. But I do like to have the absolute fastest rig possible and I want to push my VR headset etc as fast as I can. While I wasn't having issues with the 8700K, 2080Ti, I've never seen performance as good as I'm getting now with awesome FPS on the ground at Incirlik for example with all my settings maxed out etc...
  2. Yes and if you subscribe to their newsletter you can preorder it for $749...there's no way I would go Index with the Vive 2 being superior in every way on the headset side...
  3. Not sure where you're getting your info, but before I built my new rig I was running a Reverb G1 at full resolution with very high settings with almost the same rig you have now...8700K, 2080Ti, etc... I run the G2 over native res with very high FPS with my new rig and expect to do the same with the Pro 2 as it should really benefit from being native to Steam VR and not having to use the terrible WMR work through that we need to do with the G2 and others...
  4. Have this on order...excited to compare it to my G2...hopefully it's a nice step up!
  5. This shouldn't be a vote...if it's not a realistic real world US loadout on the Viper it doesn't belong...
  6. Agreed! Would love to have something from ED that is on par with Razbam's quality...because the current one is terrible looking...
  7. Yes I remember reading or hearing that somewhere but haven't seen anything on it since and don't see it on the Roadmap. Just wondering where it might be in the line of things. Certainly isn't the highest on my Priority list and I'm overall very happy with the Hornet. Especially the upcoming update that will Add Flares, ATFLIR and more!
  8. Can we please get an update to the VR in cockpit pilot model? Flying in a simpit the VR in cockpit model is great for extra immersion. The current pilot model is very low resolution and looks pretty terrible. The in cockpit pilot of the Harrier looks very high res and detailed by comparison. If there is any way to make a similar pilot model for the Hornet it would take the Hornet realism to another level.
  9. Yeah I saw your issues last night. So odd. Hopefully they can find a fix.
  10. Yeah unsure what's changed for you. My performance has incrementally improved with Syria over time. I used to have some issues with lag when playing MP...but last night it was smooth as glass in VR.
  11. What kind of system are you running this on? I flew missions last night with a number of people in VR that were spread out around the country and even one international pilot and we had no issues. My FPS was quite high even on the ground at Incirlik and on the Carrier.
  12. Honestly I hope and believe they will make the most modern variant of the A-6E that they can get good data on. Two squadrons in Desert Storm had the SWIP upgrade...and it was in service for a number of years later until it was retired in 97. Equipping it with the most modern features would also allow it to fit in with the F-14, F-18, and F-16 in more modern(Desert Storm era and forward) Scenarios....
  13. Exciting times...this will be an epic module!
  14. G2 does not have a tracking issue with the headset....the tracking is more than adequate for dogfighting or any other task you'd like for flying! It is by far the best headset for DCS. I've flown with and owned a lot. CV1, Odyssey, Odyssey Plus, Reverb G1, Pimax 8K X and now Reverb G2. Please check our VR4DCS he has all the guides you need
  15. I'm not sure it's much slower...from what I've seen in comparisons the 5950X and 5900X are both hand selected bins that are faster. The 5950X in almost every comparison I've seen is a bit faster...in Firestrike which is a good comparison of DX11 I was about 4000 points faster than a friend with the exact same setup...3090, same RAM etc...
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