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  1. I've done some experiments with time and weather. Made mission on same location, same date, same time. Target was M1A1. Only variable that made big difference for me was cloud density. When it was set on 0, had no problem locking at 4.5km to the target. When I changed density to 10, situation was same as in the training mission. For me, it locks at approximately 1.5km, but that's too close to fire. Seems that it's not a bug, but consistent calculation for camera visibility. Just not sure that it's modeled realistically, because in the particular situation, visibility doesn't seem to
  2. Same here. Somewhere on the way from waypoint 3 to 4.
  3. Yes, the rebel base needs some Agent Orange or has to be moved to some other place. I only managed to finish the mission by numerous flyovers over the base, with co-pilot (AI) shooting with miniguns. Somehow, he manages to see something down there.
  4. Same problem in UH-1. LShift-R is mapped to set voltmeter AC phase switch to AC phase. This key combination worked well a couple of months ago. Must admit that I did not play Huey from cold start for a while, so can't tell exactly when the problem started. Seems like some of the updates mess this thing up.
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