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  1. Then you will skip the F-15 for sure...
  2. The benefit is, to help ED to continue their business and to deliver great modules.
  3. So maybe you should teach ED how to build a new model the right way...
  4. Win7 is a little bit old in 2021... So you can't really blame ED for your system. No matter if Early Access or not (F-18), Win7 won't be the way to go for gaming.
  5. Did you check the box in the special options? Normally there is no AOA in the HUD.
  6. So you DO buy EA products. The F-18 will enter the release with 2.7 (a short time after 2.7) btw.:
  7. It is nice that you are willing to wait, but nevertheless you have no other choice...
  8. I'm quite sure, you won't need to change the seat to operate the radio... The cockpit is quite small, so you can easily reach the radio from the pilot's seat.
  9. I'm sure, you will be able to manage everything alone. The AI will lower your workload, as VH-Rock stated in his post. ...because the Mosquito is a 2-seater and this is DCS, which places great emphasis on realism. The cockpit is not that big, that you can't reach everything alone.
  10. This should not be a problem. "All the weapns" are just guns, cannons and bombs (later rockets). The same like nearly every other WW2 fighter available in DCS (especially the p-47).
  11. Didn't ED say some time ago, that they won't make multiplayer modules with more than 2 crew positions? That would negate a B-17 or any other bigger bomber. Even an A-20 has 3 (4?) positions. (on the other hand, an UH-1 has 2 pilots and 2 door gunners...)
  12. Since WEP (64'' @ 2750) or even TO Power (52'' @2700 rpm) is limited to 5 minutes (military to 15 minutes), "seconds" seems very short, but not to far. The engine MAY be overspeeded for up to XX seconds (while diving), that does not mean, that every single engine will reach this without damage. Some engines will have survived this, others not. So you have one of the engines, wich dies at these parameters, and tbh these few seconds won't make a huge difference in our simulation. So just stick to the parameters, the DCS manual gives you and the engine won't die after 8 seconds...
  13. I think, the sim refers to it's own manual. And there I can't find anything about 30x0 rpm (but I may be wrong). Since i only know the game manual, i would be curious to know more. Do you have a link to another manual? edit: (but that's not really correct, because its about the "N"-model -> different, more powerful engine, new turbocharger)
  14. Wich manual? The manual, which comes with the module speaks about a max. normal rpm of 2750. There is also the red marking.
  15. Btw. continuous power is 42'' / 2550 rpm, military power is 52'' / 2700 (max. 15 minutes, no water) and WEP 64'' / 2750 rpm (max. 5 minutes, with water).
  16. Do we really need it? Our maps are relatively small. I never ran into any fuel problems with the existing options, but I don't fly full throttle all day long
  17. I never had to use the cowl flaps... Always closed and no problems with oil temperatures at all (after not too many flighthours in this plane ).
  18. If this is the case of this particular version of the A8, then don't blame ED for it, but Focke Wulf. ED told us, what version we will get.
  19. Everyone always wants what they don't have. Why can't we be satisfied with what we have? Why does it always have to be "more"? (I'm not talking about bugs)
  20. Ja er war ok. Ich fliege auch die P-47. Da dauert das Aufwärmen lange. Alle anderen sind dagegen ja regelrecht hyperaktiv Aber selbst wenn ich nicht auf den Öldruck geachtet hätte, wie hätte er denn nicht ok sein können. Zufällige Ausfälle sind deaktiviert und Kämpfe gab es keine.
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