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  1. Only fuel, but it's nearly the same with bombs or any other loadout.
  2. But only, if "failures" are switched on
  3. It would be great, if the keybinding for "lights master switch - off" would be implemented... Atm there is no proper way, to use a 3-positon switch for it.
  4. Look at my trk-file. 96knots @idle thrust, then the runway ended...
  5. IMO at the moment the ground friction is too low, or the idle thrust is too high. You can reach very high speeds @idle thrust... No need to increase RPM to start rolling. idle speed test.trk
  6. Apart from this, there is also no problem with removing the chocks with throttle not in the idle position... (engine not running)
  7. No problems with removing the wheel chocks, engine off, throttle NOT in idle. And no problems in any other configuration...
  8. You should be able to remove the chocks at any time...
  9. I have no issues with wheel chocks on the Mirage. Just tested it.
  10. I think, the fix will be part of the next big update for Open Beta.
  11. So it works correctly and is not a bug?
  12. I made a Bug Report in the "Bug Report" section, because this here is not this section. I will know next time.....
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