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  1. So the conclusion must be that the automatic correction dosen't work as described in the manual
  2. I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong ; I load the cartridge correct with my flight plan, line up the correct runway, build up speed on centerline to rotate speed and take off. According to the manual p. 130 there should be an automatic course correction but it dosen't happen. Instead I get the nav syst light. If I perform the same procedure regarding cartridge loading etc. but with manual course setting by pressing the reference switch on runway centerline everything works normal. What could be the problem?
  3. Thanks, that explains everything. This sim is quite impressive Greetings:thumbup:
  4. I'm new to this marvelous simulator. I cant figure out getting the ils to work in the su 25. How can I tune the radios to the ils frequency? Should it happen automatically approaching an airstrip with ils? I may be doing something wrong, I just cant figure out what
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