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  1. with recent adjustments to the displays can you confirm this has been fixed for you?
  2. @Alighierianconfim if this is still occurring for you.
  3. Updated HOTAS Functions should now reflect correct behaviour. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED
  4. Resolved in latest update. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED.
  5. Weapons sounds are not able to be changed by us or adjusted this is EDs wheel house. JIRA created, marking as ED ISSUE and moving to RESOLVED
  6. Discord link should be in the main RAZBAM sub thread Different missions with different weather or same mission? PT track IRL is notoriously difficult. Usually if thats the case its being done by a two seater or by a buddy lase/ track so one pilot doesnt have such a high workload.
  7. Rcvd PM from OP. Marking as USER ERROR and moving to RESOLVED.
  8. And like I mentioned in both of those. The TPOD was being updated to Gen4 standards. I did not say that the SME found the BEHAVIOUR to be wrong but that everything was in the correct POSITION and ORIENTATION and did mention in both of those that further refinement would occur at a later date when all of the sub systems were implemented for the Gen 4 pod. Again, its not yet properly implemented because there are more changes and functions being added so when those are added and implemented then the entire system can be refined. I appreciate your concern but how I label, organize and sort will continue as such. If I have 50% saying do it this way but the other 50% saying no do it the other way then there is no clear indication and my decision is based on RAZBAM's needs to collect and add bugs to our internal tracker ( which happens to be me doing this job at the moment). If you don't like that aI label an incorrect feature or request then that's your opinion and you are entitled to such, but I do everything for a reason. Most probable reason is that its known but not being worked on yet or is not yet tied into the aircrafts systems. So in relation to the N Arrow, it was reported, I was told its not fully implemented yet but will be at a later stage because of its priority in the grand scheme of things. So its a FUTURE IMPLEMENTATION to be worked on at a later stage.
  9. Well Ramsay pretty much said it. DCS sees icls and awls as the same thing and thats a core issue we have no control of.
  10. Im not sure what he is describing so I want to talk 1 on 1 and have him actively show me. Im not sure exactly what the issue is so I would like to talk 1 on 1 with you and have you screen share so I can help you correct any issues you are having.
  11. Perhaps Im not quite understanding the translation but what is the issue? Does the game crash? Can you not take off or start your engine?
  12. yes is it behaving correctly for you? Also, are you using the TDC slew on an axis or from a keybind?
  13. THis is a DCS core issue with regards to laser logic and the weapons tracking it. As the logic of the laser and the weapons are not controlled by us it is a DCS Core issue which has been passed up to ED. Marking as ED ISSUE and moving to resolved.
  14. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED
  15. As stated by newy this is as intended and lighting logic will only change with future updates. Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED.
  16. Updated internal report to reflect this.
  17. Fix made available as this is not something that can be solved for everyone and is a case by case basis. Team is working on a special TAB to allow adjustment in the future. Marking as FIX AVAILABLE and moving to RESOLVED.
  18. Fix has been posted in the link above. This is a case by case issue, and due to such we are looking at implementing these features into a special tabs option. Marking as FIX AVAILABLE and moving to RESOLVED.
  19. So in talking with the devs this is not something we have control over. Its a DCS core thing. However we did open a discussion with ED as to the implementation of laser logic so at this point it would be up to then to improve laser logic or to leave as is unfortunately. Marking as ED CORE and moving to RESOLVED.
  20. Its difficult to tell too if this is just labelled as a GAU12 or if its something different. Quite a few TPOD data things that we dont have on the Gen4
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