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  1. As I said its either on or off in DCS, unless ED has a fancy way of being able to code head position relative to whether the NVG is on or off we are unaware.
  2. Perhaps my hearing is not as good as it once was, but where are you hearing this "wind" noise? If I hop in a mission with no wind on the ground at idle where should I be hearing it?
  3. Is this occuring specifically with these waypoints or just any waypoints entered at all? Was this in the air or on the ground. If so what what your position relative to the waypoint? If its possible take a screen shot of your aircraft in the F10 map and use the ruler tool to show where the waypoint is. Make sure you have grid and MGRS lines ON so I can see them.
  4. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED.
  5. Fixed even before I got a chance to respond my our campaign designer. Marking as FXED INTERNALLY and moving to RESOLVED.
  6. Yes this has already been reported and is actively being looked at by ED. Marking as DUPLICATE REPORT and moving to RESOLVED
  7. i think those are already on the list but ill add them and cross check when they come up.
  8. Deleted sarcastic and off topic posts from thread. This has already been reported in a previous thread and is currently marked REPORTED. Therefore I am marking this as DUPLICATE REPORT and moving to RESOLVED
  9. No, so why do you think I would ask for it if I didn't need it? I'm not sure why you specifically have to question everything I ask as though I'm singling you out because I'm not. I'm simply working a more thorough investigative process here. I'm not just asking to delay or yank your chain, it all serves a purpose.
  10. Can you please post the .trk file here so the devs can have a better look at it?
  11. Was it one of each on the outer pylons or one on the outer set and one on the inner set?
  12. Yeah Im lost as to what the problem you seem to think is. Perhaps you could explain this better
  13. street lamps and other "assets in DCS are just 3D models that the sensor sees. Just the limit of DCS engine right now. a level where it may be easier to "cross" or "hit" the center of the 3D model. For instance if you try to get an IRMAV lock on a radio tower, its center is actually half way up the mast and not at the base where you would normally aim. again, I encourage you to reach out to me VIA discord so I can work 1 on 1 with you
  14. In all honesty, I'm no radio frequency expert but i will check with some professionals who are and see. Or, are you saying some of OUR missions have freqs in that range and you cannot reach them my manually entering them?
  15. if you read very carefully it indeed does
  16. Marking as FIXED INTERNALLY. Mission issue should also be actively fixed. Moving to RESOLVED.
  17. @Gone1Crazycan you confirm the repair worked?
  18. So the flare pods are rarely used if ever and are designed to be dropped one at a time at pilots discretion. No documentation is available on this nor has SME used them before, only receiving instruction on how they should be employed. A carry over system from the earlier days when the TPOD was not available. As we are neither able to confirm or deny what should or should not be the correct behaviour fro the pods, the behaviour shal remain the same. Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED.
  19. @Nightmare22confirm if this is still occuring for you in the latest OB?
  20. Functioning in latest OB update. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED
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