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  1. So it seems that the mission and manual were not updated to reflect the removal of the ENC button in the case of the -C not having it installed. Marking as REPORTED.
  2. I will look into this further and confer with the SME.
  3. marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED
  4. moving to general chat.
  5. was indeed in the patch notes. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED.
  6. This is due to lighting algorithm changes from ED, as we are told what is changed, we often have to find out ourselves and somethings are missed. We are tracking the lighting and constantly making adjustments. When it is sufficient for you please post here informing me of such.
  7. Im conferring with our lead dev to see if the INS issue is due to recent changes with that or if this is a mission issue. Please provide a trk file.
  8. Autostart fixed in recent OB patch. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED
  9. We are tracking. As with most coding in DCS we take 1 step forwards and 2 steps back. We are tracking.
  10. Auto start crash fixes in most recent update. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED
  11. Wasnt a need to make a second bug report, it has been removed. Tracking.
  12. Need a tr. from your OB session please.
  13. Correct I intended to write it the other way around buit my fingers weren't listening to my brain.
  14. Again the new lighting is a WIP and subject to change in the future.
  15. Not marked RESOLVED, marked AS INTENDED as in its being worked on bit by bit and the new lighting is worked on so its not a final iteration as much as it is being developed.
  16. If that is the case then this would be an ED weapon issue not a RAZBAM one. All weapons are controlled by ED and not by us. Day 1 we have not touched the sidearms.
  17. YEs it is known and ED have said that its working internally so on the next update we should see it. Marking this as USER ERROR and moving to RESOLVED
  18. That was in refference to the quality of the image through the NVGS. As stated by Pacbeachdr, the system is not integrated with the NA and more modern NVGS have auto gain especially on the II+. Just getting back to this as the SME was scrolling through and noticed it. Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED
  19. No So the blind fired Sidearm tracked?
  20. The fix has worked for some but not for others. As a result of this, we are working now with ED to determine the issue. In the mean time for clarities sake, this thread will be locked and subsequent threads on the matter will be deleted in order to stop the spread of misinformation. Any updates will be posted here so dont PM me thinking youll get one. When it happens it happens.
  21. Yes. Rounding errors are DCS core issue and cannot be resolved. Having said that, the errors are very small. 1 or 2 arc seconds The problem is that they compound: 1. Is the rounding error from converting the coordinate you wrote into a number DCS can use. 2. The rounding error of converting lat/long into the x,y,z coordinates used by the maps. Marking as ED ISSUE and moving to RESOLVED
  22. Yes, thats how ED have their logic working for PT tracks. IR doesnt work as it should IRL instead the sensor works as an interogator in the 3D space and asks the game if there is an object or if there is not. So your still having issues with the inputs into the UFC. Specifically with the laser code or with any and all inputs?
  23. Issue is you have it in MT which is not implemented at this time and functions the same as PT or point track. If you are doing masking or have the TGP over boresight as you demonstrated, having the TGP track on PT with not re-center on the point you made, rather if it is in AR Area Track, it will. Also, that roll in was far too low and you probably would have been better off disengaging and getting in a better position for the attack. You would only use a lay up like that If you were using unguided munitions or doing a 15/10 pop up gun run. Definitely the wrong maneuver to employ the AGR-20A
  24. Anyone else hear anything weird? I dont personally. The video has been given to the team to have a look. You are moving your head to which can change what you hear.
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