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  1. Hmmmm interesting. I will have to try to dig a little deeper on this. Ive got a feeling its the COLD/HOTRAMP logic for where the planes are on all ships, which would be an ED thing
  2. Tag me when you have as I have a suspicion of what is causing this for you.
  3. I'm going to bring this to some of the CB testers at ED to see. Time and time again I see this issue people are having yet a large portion of people dont have it so it has to be something with how the ARM logic is which would cause such varying results. Will report back if I find something. understand. We will be waiting a bit but please do get the .trk
  4. Just out of curiosity does this occur in an air start and does it affect GBU-16s as well?
  5. Alright, I have moved this back as there is some clarification here as I misunderstood the team and they were able to clarify it. I was under the impression that all the graphical errors were due in part to the external model. Not so. The Gun pod is a 3D model attached to a 3D model ( woooah man your trippin me out), therefore its position can be changed and has been addressed internally. The avionics bay issue was resolved back in early December. The weapons sitting high however is lua based and a separate report has been added for that and will be changed. The future development
  6. Well besides the snarkyness there bucko, I dont think that a Harrier should reach M1.6, my question was why would you. Thats all I was asking. How was someone think gosh this is really fast for a Harrier....and then keep going lol. Its a very odd instance because in its normal flight parameters, our SME and the pilots in their squadron who have flown our Harrier say that its better than the sims they have.
  7. Did you by chance only have the lights set to DIM and not birght? Just cause I flew on GAW the other night in full darkness no moon light and even at dim the lights were quite bright
  8. I've been told that down the road there are some minor graphical changes coming which will require a whole rework of the 3D model to correct some discrepancies and skins. Marking AS INTENDED for now but should this persist in the next model iteration then we will re-evaluate. Moving to RESOLVED
  9. Should be fixed from previous OB patch. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED. Further lighting enhancements will continue . ED has changed the logic from a linear calculation to a curve which threw that curveball our way.
  10. So I'm going to move this to the main Mirage subforum and see if this can be confirmed and grow some traction. From what I know, DCS doesn't use active radio communications like SRS for example and therefore the indicator with the radio call coming in would be impossible as we dont have an argument for that. It would onlu work if we tied it the the UHF/ VuHF button that would be player controlled. FWIW we are just as limited as to what we can display with the radios as we are with the IFF.
  11. With an extra sensor, it is difficult as syncro can cause somethings to appear where others are not. This is a DCS wide issue. What matters is that should the player have D2M installed it works., which it does. Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED
  12. Understand bug has been resolved but when INS is off, heading tape should still be present showing magnetic.
  13. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED
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