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  1. DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations Fixed: HUD Waypoint course error ("house") jumps Fixed: AP star HUD symbol Fixed: VTB WP display in CADR AR mode Fixed: Radar Altimeter minimum altitude switch range Fixed: Green Radio 1 digit channel keyboard entry Fixed: Emergency compass behavior Fixed: Brightness curve for cockpit lights Fixed: VTB WP off screen visibility Fixed: AP oscillations at low speed Fixed: engine in-flight restart after inverted flight Fixed: INS Alignment must be done on a waypoint >=1 Fixed: VTB Bullseye Selector going too fast Fixed: minimum HUD bri
  2. DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations Fixed: Negative clock values when local time reaches 00H00:00 Fixed: CAS Long/Lat Input Fixed: CAS UTM input Fixed: TACAN line course deviation Fixed: TACAN modes not working correctly Fixed: DMT VV slave following ghost vector Fixed: UFC input errors after entering TACAN or waypoint values. Fixed: TPOD reverts to wide view when selecting FLIR Fixed: AAR Zone 3 not appearing on EHSD Fixed: TPOD Compass Arrow not pointing North from the POI viewpoint. Fixed: DECM annunciator lights remaining ON when pod is OFF. Fixed: UFC/ODU display n
  3. RAZBAM SIMULATIONS Q2 UPDATE Hello everyone, we at RAZBAM hopes that this finds you all in good health and spirits as we round the next corner in this global pandemic. It has been a hot minute since the last update and all parties everywhere have been hard at work churning out work for you all to enjoy. We will start with our released modules and then work into the WIP of our announced projects leading into Q2. First, I would like to apologize for my absence the last two weeks as I have been in the middle of a posting move. Mid way through April I will be absent again
  4. Alright so I didn't even know this was a thing but this is working AS INTENDED. You must PRESS the button on the end of the shaft to unlock it prior to moving the handle. Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED.
  5. syc, but seriously I'm working on the Q1 update this week gents. I've been busy with a household move and doing my best to set some time aside to prioritizing my CM duties ATM with work and life being a bigger priority at the moment. Standby
  6. Topic will be closed for now. Selection for the RaDG Programme has begun and no further applications will be taken. Candidates who have provided and submitted all the necessary material and who meet or exceed the requirements will be contacted within the next week so keep an eye on your emails. If you do not receive an email by 26 MAR 2021, then you were unfortunately not selected so do not bother sending an email asking if you were or were not because it will be ignored.
  7. it is working for me. Upload a trk file please.
  8. are you binding them to a controller button box or via the in game key bind or are you using the mouse and clicking them. Im understanding then that you are not having PT issues anymore?
  9. Tracking the issue, FM noticed this and is waiting to hear from ED if theres a correct weight calculation when moving forward. What are you loaded with?
  10. Markin AS INTENDED, this was to fix the lurching motion when the chocks were removed and is not related in any way to ground idle thrust. Marking AS INTENDED and moving to RESOLVED.
  11. Known and we got the fix from ED and has been fixed internally. Marking as such but leaving here till i see it in CB to confirm
  12. @DeadMeathave you experimented or played with swapping the stuck trim had and the stock castle to make the stick more closely resemble the Harrier?
  13. yes this Also, we do have JDAM warm up/ alignment in but it is transparent to the player. According to the SME, once power is provided to the jet and the aircrafts alignment begins, the JDAMs also get power and begin their alignment simultaneously. When the aircraft is aligned, so are the JDAMS. As this is implemented and working this will be marked AS INTENDED and moved to RESOLVED.
  14. Im not getting the TPOD to go off in AR track, if I mask and am in PT or MT then it does slew off of where I had it tracked. Im also not having my T0 shifted when the gimbal rolls over. So I'm gonna need a trk to better deduce what you're doing because head-shakiness from the VR is hard to tell whats going on.
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