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  1. rem27


    Hi Neon, also here the model is not completely displayed. Cheers Rem27
  2. rem27


  3. rem27


    Nice job Neon thank you but your link is not working for me “server not found”
  4. Thank you LeCuvier, Your document is very helpful :thumbup: PM me your address and I’ll send you some Swiss chocolate ???? :smilewink: Best Regards Rem27
  5. Man Thanks LeCuvier, your code did the trick. As you can see on my home made Warthog throttle addon I use a 5V Pro Mico mini-Leonardo board with 3 state switch (up/middle/down) at each state the board send a dX function (dx1 -->dx31). I did use your base code for the HUD day/night switch using the 3006 code instead of 3004. By the way where can I foud theses cods for the switches? Many Thanks Bestr Regards Rem27
  6. Hi everyone, here some of my new icons for Stream deck for the A-10C. STEERING ENGAGED on and off GUN READY on and off Landing Gear safe and off Have fun Be safe Regards Rem27
  7. Hi LeCuvier Thank you very mutch for your help and for the advice to save my default.lua file with OvGME. I have to change my F-18 lua file at every update. I will very appreciate your help with the code to add in my default.lua file as I'm strugelling with it, I tryed myself but can't find the right code for TGP OFF :( Can you please provide the line to add: TGP On TGP OFF Merci beaucoup pour ton aide. Reste en bonne santé toi et ta famille. Meilleurs Salutation depuis la Suisse REM27
  8. Hi ED Is it possible to bind an TGP ON and a TGP OFF function and let the TGP toggle switch as it is? Thank you in advance. Sincerely REM27
  9. Salut Dimitiov, Tout d’abord gros gros travail sur le Frenchpack et un grand merci pour ce mod :thumbup: Je n’ai pas le mod Rafale des frères Cuesta. J’ai par contre une ancienne version de Frenchpack. Je test et te redis. Salutations Rémy
  10. Bonjour, J‘ai eu exactement le même problème et j‘ai remarqué que le mod Frenchpack pose problème avec Supercarrier. Une fois ce mod désinstallé tout est revenus normal...
  11. rem27

    Community A-4E-C

  12. rem27

    Community A-4E-C

    Reports that TACAN and NAV computer functions are no more functional after DCS Open Beta update. :mad: The NAV panel shows zeros and cannot be changed NAV system does not work TACAN not working :helpsmilie: Edit: reverting back to the prior Open beta version and everythings work as it must be... Regards Rem27
  13. Thank you Ctytler for sharing your work on theses plugin :thumbup: Great job here.
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