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  1. Have I successfully started a rumor that DCS 2.0 will be out in 7 days time?
  2. Don't be so negative, I can read the vibrations and the vibrations ring true....
  3. The Mig-23 acceleration was brutal.
  4. A lot of the design team are Swedish so it might be the Viggen..... :pilotfly:
  5. The problem with 104th is its not true Red vs Blue. You have all aircraft available to both sides and its impossible to IFF your enemy in some aircraft. Otherwise its the best and go to server for me.
  6. P-38 and Hellcat. You can't discount the background images on their website.
  7. I thought only F-22 can cruise supersonic without afterburner?
  8. It doesn't have anything to do with the A-10C. For some reason I thought I was in the F-14 subsection. WHOOPS :doh:
  9. I want the F-14A model so we can simulate the Iran Iraq war and most of the F-14s operational life. I want the older model as its a better fit to simulate Cold War engagements. We will have the F/A-18c to drop bombs with or even a potential intruder down the line who knows.
  10. The amount of features people want with the LN F-14, the module will take so long it will be out in 2018. Give me the F-14A, and let me simulate late cold war against Mig-23 etc...
  11. I really hope it includes part of the UK. Would be so good on the long flight over and back!
  12. People will get A-G with the Hornet. I am glad its the F-14A as it was the most numerous produced.
  13. How would a F-14 fair dogfighting against the Mig-23 or a IAI Kfir?
  14. From what they wrote, considerable time was needed just to model Dubai city. I think the LN maps will be something less intensive. I don't think everyone should get their hopes up for a highly detailed map, remember it will be released free with the module.
  15. I think it will be something small and fun, and most importantly easy to make. Last thing you want is it to take years to release because its too complex and time consuming.
  16. I heard someone say it will be available on steam on 13th March.
  17. In 10 years time, when you do strap one to your head, remember this that you have said here.
  18. Soon everyone will be using virtual reality headsets. Well implemented, they will offer better immersion. HTC and Valve have announced the creation of a new VR device which will be in competition to the Occulus Rift.
  19. My issue is the visual damage modelling of AI aircraft. You can pump rounds and rounds of 50cal bullets into an AI aircraft and they keep on flying like as if on rails with no consequences. Quite the breaker of immersion. I loved how in IL-2 1946 you could blow off an aileron or hit a wing and it would cripple the enemies flight model due to the damage. You could hit the cockpit and kill the pilot, shoot away his elevators etc etc...
  20. Strait of Hormuz map while flying an Iranian F-14 anyone?
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