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  1. Hi all, I am trying to understand how field of view works in DCS World. I am trying to decide between a 35" 21:9 Ultrawide 1440p or 43" 16:9 4K monitor. The 43" 16:9 is physically wider than the 35" 21:9 and has a much taller viewing area. My question is, as the 43" 16:9 is wider than the 35" 21:9 Ultrawide, can I set a higher field of view on the 43" and get a nice wide view of the cockpit (same width or more compared to Ultrawide) while still not losing any vertical viewing angle? I am sorry if this sounds confusing.
  2. I think you're out of luck. 1440p native stops around 32" for widescreen and I've seen 35" ultrawide.
  3. Normally what happens if demand outstrips supply, the price is increased. Be thankful this is not the case.
  4. Yes, I'm very sorry, please forgive me.
  5. Ramsay your picture it looks correct. It might have been bugged in a previous version as seen in the following video. It is opposite to what you're showing in the picture, but its from Dec 2017.
  6. Hi, When the ILS vertical bar appears on the HUD, in order to capture the glide slope direction you need to steer away from the bar to capture it. Is this correct and true to life? In all western aircraft I know, to capture the glide slope you need to steer towards the vertical bar to capture it, not away as seen in the AV-8B in DCS World.
  7. Sorry this is off topic, but how is you 43" 4k monitor for immersion? Also how well does your current 1080ti drive it?
  8. This is a real immersion killer for me. It almost seems broken that this is in the game. I don't understand that the systems are extremely well modeled but other things which are just as important are overlooked. You're only as strong as your weakest link I'm afraid.
  9. High definition good, Virtual reality heatsets will change everything.
  10. panzerd18

    Force feedback?

    its a shame that joystick manufacturers have not decided to release force feedback joysticks. All car steering wheels are considered standard to come with force feedback.
  11. ED said one of the biggest things to expand in 2015 was more and improved Combined Arms. It would be great to introduce AI aircraft as well to complement different time periods too.
  12. You have to land with approach power on. Flying it all the way onto the runway instead of pulling the power off over the threshold. The moment you pull the power off, the Mig drops like a rock and is probably why its hurting the gear as the sink rate is too much.
  13. True, but I am the one being teamkilled by other ground attack aircraft. Then a Su-27 was behind me and I assumed he was friendly but next moment I am shot down. Its very hard to type in text or communicate, because it is a split second decision which will either save your life or kill you. I am hoping soon with DCS 2, the server population will be big enough to allow servers to go true Red vs Blue to solve this issue.
  14. Ridiculous warping. I hope DCS 2.0 fixes this net code because its bordering unplayable in dogfight. Excellent flying and shooting though!
  15. I really wish developers would concentrate on aircraft that were widely produced or had played a part in a conflict somewhere in time. This enables us to better simulate real world scenarios, instead of having an oddball that doesn't have a place anywhere. Its great to fly something, but its even better to fly a mission that is both realistic and maybe happened once upon a time.
  16. I would say a lot of people fly the F-15 and a lot fly the Su-27. The Mig-21 is more tricky as there is no blue counterpart at the moment and could cause the teams to become unbalanced. However if I saw lots of red players and small amount of blue, I would jump into a F-15 to even the odds. A lot of people will self balance a server if they see it one sided.
  17. And then you get shot down repeatedly because you are always unsure if you're going to shoot down a team mate. There isn't even any use to bring AA missiles on the Su-25 and A-10 for this reason because you can never use them from fear of shooting a friendly. I have been within visual range of enemy fighters in the A-10 and Su-25 and have had no idea if I should shoot or not, and then get killed. At least if I can I.D the aircraft type I will know if its friend or foe. This does not work as both sides are flying the same aircraft with no AWACS support to tell you whats up.
  18. But is it really their fault? If both sides have access to the same aircraft, it makes IFF next to impossible for aircraft that have no radar. Why does F-15 vs Su-27 suck? Also Blue have A-10A/C and Red have Su-25/T Huey vs Mi-8, Sabre vs Mig. The actual missions are fantastic, just the plane sets seem to be more of a sandbox selection and now we have problems with teamkills because you have both sides flying the same aircraft and no AWACS to help.
  19. One of the best servers, but also very frustrating when you cannot IFF because all aircraft are available for each side. After being shot down continuously by people on my side as they mistook me for being a bandit I haven't played on the server since. And yes I use your teamspeak but most don't. If it was Russian aircraft on Red vs Western Aircraft on Blue, it would solve this problem and be much more realistic.
  20. Definitely Yak-9 on the red side. F4U Corsair on the blue side. Both saw good action in WW2 and Korea.
  21. Would be very happy with the next russian aircraft being the Mig-23 and Su-24
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