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  1. You can go into the DCS Settings, in VR Settings increase the pixel density. 1.6 to 1.7 seems like a good amount.
  2. Hi I have a Oculus Rift S. This headset uses my computers graphics card. The Quest is different. The Quest is a stand alone system with the graphics card built into the headset itself. Thats why its much more expensive compared to the Rift S. I hope this clears up your confusion.
  3. Yes of course the Anton was a fighter. It was very effective against the Spitfire MkV, but was just outclassed by the MkIX later on. Arguably, the FW190 A5 was the best dog fighter variant, as the A8 is much heavier due to being up armored. Read some early reports of RAF pilots encountering the FW190 over the channel. It was nicknamed the butcher bird because it was so lethal.
  4. If you think the Dora is a dog to fly, just wait until you try out the Anton!
  5. Please forgive me, it was a key binding issue! Also testing AB500 with SD2 and SD10. I believe you need to be high enough for the bomblets to disperse. Also SD2 are anti-personnel so not good for vehicles. Use SD10 whenever possible. However a SC500 seems to work just as good and is easier to use compared to the AB500 SD10.
  6. Hi, I am having trouble with bombing in the FW190 A8. I arm the bombs and set fuse to delay and dive bomb, however many times the bomb will not explode. Am I too low when I drop and there is some type of safety device that only arms the bomb after a set time? I cannot think of any other reason why the bomb will not explode? I must be doing something wrong however using the same formula maybe 60% of the time the bomb explodes, other times its just a dud. Using SC500J
  7. What are the differences in the different SC classes? I cannot find the information anywhere.
  8. I'm struggling to find where ED mentioned the A8 module would include a F8 variant?
  9. The issue is the resolution of the trim. From instance what is actually needed is, for every trim button push, trim wheel will travel only quarter or half of what it actually travels now. You shouldn't run into the situation whereby you click trim up once, aircraft climbs, you click trim down once and aircraft descends. The trim wheel needs to offer much finer adjustments if you need to trim to a specific altitude. This trim sensitivity seems to have carried over into other modules. This makes me wonder if the Beta testers are actually flying the aircraft to maintain trim at a specific altitude or not. Because if there were, this bug would have been discovered. Very simple fix, turn down the rate at which one trim button push affects the trim. We need finer adjustment.
  10. This is why we need a Korea map and Korea assets pack
  11. You mean screen tearing. Try and keep the FPS, at or above 60 to match the 60Hz refresh rate of the monitor.
  12. Sure VR is immersive. I would agree it would be great compared to flying on a 24" monitor. But have people tried bigger monitors such as 35" ultrawides or 43" and above? You can sit very close and almost have the screen take up your entire field of view.
  13. I have to agree with you. I have a 2080Ti and Rift S and am very disappointed with the picture quality and eye strain it causes. I have a 43" 4K monitor and find it much more enjoyable to fly with Track IR 5. The only benefit I find with VR is the 3D effect that a monitor cannot replicate. I also hate the fact with the Rift S its only sharp in the middle or has a sweet spot at the center. I think I will find enjoyment in car racing sims with my VR headset as they don't require you to read complex cockpit instruments.
  14. After giving this much thought I think you are right. The trees are just too big, and it gives the appearance that you're physically closer to the ground. Also a large portion of buildings are large buildings instead of normal 3/4 bedroom houses, also contributing to the problem. Seeing tanks and trucks drive beside trees that are 2 to 3 times taller seems wrong. Of course giant trees like this exist but it is not the norm. Is there any easy way to mod the size of the trees to scale them down or is this impossible?
  15. Hi, can you advise what panel the switch is on? This is on the trainer version, not the version with gun. EDIT found it thank you, I can't believe I missed it.
  16. Can I confirm the L-39C has no interior lighting other than the emergency flood light, with switch closely beside the gun sight on the left hand side?
  17. Wow you are spoiled. IL-2 1946 you had to push the G button 20 times to raise and lower the gear. Simulating the physical need to crank the gear handle. The biggest problem is DCS is, there is no map, counterpart or time setting for the I-16.
  18. Screen tearing should disappear if you get a Freesync monitor.
  19. My favorite Cold War era SAM! Its huge!
  20. Change the GUI scale in the settings.
  21. Although I do not have a 2070 Super, I play at 4K 43" monitor with a 2080Ti and turn off MSAA as I feel it is not needed. A 35" ultrawide or 32", 27" 4K monitor would have better pixel density and would not need MSAA in my opinion. If you have the money for a 2070 Super, consider a used 1080 Ti as it is slightly faster and has 11Gb of VRAM. It might be cheaper and save you money too.
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