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  1. It's still a capability. There can also be cars in Germany going faster than 100knots. It should be reduced to the 70 knot option.
  2. The velocity gate is also too high. Lowest setting in for the 1980s manual is 50 knots, with 70, 90, and one that is over 100. Later manuals indicate similar capabilities. DCS velocity gate is like 100 knots.
  3. You dont have anything, which is why you are speculating about what they are using and saying newer than "we" have. Everything they have put in the game so far is from the A/B MLU manuals which are the only publicly available manuals aside from the HAF -34. There are noticeable downgrades compared to the older block 50 functionality in the HAF manual.
  4. Yes but it's the correct radar, and I'm fairly certain they didn't downgrade certain aspects of the radar during ccip. The point is we donst have a 2007 block 50 manual and a a/b apg 66 isn't a correct either. So fundamentally things ar going to have to be spliced on a best guess basis. There is also alot of stuff described in the -34 that the mlu manuals don't have.
  5. yes, there is a HAF Block 50/52 -34. There are numerous differences. The only other public source of F-16 avionics employment is the 3 part MLU manual, but this is for A/B models with APG-66 being upgraded to MLU. In the block 50/52 C, there is no need to switch manually from system to track files. The manual doesnt even mention a difference in file types. TWS is entered simply from hitting TMS right, and it works like it does in the Eagle or Hornet in the sense that your in TWS and there is nothing more to do.
  6. Speaking of real life documents, the radar symbols are too small and the tws system to track file operation is wrong. You guys appear to be using the mlu manual, which are for the a/b and not the block 50 c model. There should be no switching of system to track files via tms right
  7. Squadron Name: Leper Colony Discord ID on MVP Discord: Major Kong Contact person Discord ID: Major Kong Aircraft Selection. F-15C Pilots: USA - Masterpooner
  8. Where are you getting that from. I have numerous similar documents and have never known any of them to be wrong. Yes I can see that, but I would definately put this in the design flaw category, not design decision. I have a hard time imagining what esoteric situation I would want to know the exact time of a contact trail. Frame storage would give an estimate of this anyway, which is all anyone is likely to mentally process anyhow given multiple contacts, overlapping bars etc. This seems like more or less useless information at the expense of turning the screen into a mess. Espec
  9. Image removed due to forum rules - Bignewy According to that manual the symbology of aged hits should look like this, not merely faded hits. this would be far easier to distinguish
  10. According to the F-20 utility manual available online, the radar should be using frame storage not merely time. The F-20 radar is extremely similar to the F-18. If someone has a better source of information, please provide. The F-20 has target history options of 1-4, and it states that if history is 1 "only the present target is displayed. With number 2 the most recent target position is also shown. Each higher number presents an additional target history trailing image at reduced intensity." This clearly is frame storage like every other aircraft and not time.
  11. Ok so upon further investigation I have figured out what my problem is. As you said, the radar has no frame storage and instead just used time. Is this correct? If so where is a source on this? Every other radar system I have seen allows the selection of the number of frames stored, not a timer. Case in point, I found out that the reason I am seeing so many trails is because at lower settings the radar sometimes picks up the contact twice due to overlapping bar scans, and this becomes worse as range drops for obvious reasons. If the timer is set to a more useful setting, say 8 or 16, you end u
  12. I am not referring to the track files here, as those only apply to the HAFU symbols in TWS or LTWS. The raw hit storage as currently implemented is not just based on time. They have added a frame storage option that is similar to the F-15 or F-16, except it cannot be adjusted. Imagine a 4 bar scan with 8 second timer at 140 degrees sweep. Raw hits are represented by bricks, and older bricks fade out over time. When the timer hits 8, it wipes everything, apparently track files included. Frame storage greater than one means that raw hits will stay on the screen even when there are newer ones. I
  13. The radar now has a frame storage feature that causes each radar contact to have a stream of faded contacts behind it from previous hits. For some reason, there is no way to control how many frames are stored, unlike other us aircraft. Additionally, there is a separate time setting that wipes the entire radar picture. Based on how other radars in the game work, the current implementation in the F-18 seems unlikely. The radar frame fade on old bricks seems to have its own time settings, but those get over-ridden by the timer setting if the time is lower than whatever the frame store time is. So
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