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    Runway lights

    More illumination…
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    Runway lights

    Well, it’s obviously true that the blackout was essential… … but so was getting large numbers of bombers into the air and back down again! BTW, my interest and background info come from childhood discussions with a Bomber Command aircrew. Even with the benefit radio navaids, it’s still necessary to eyeball the runway. FIDO was the “Big Daddy” to burn off fog, but the RAF also used Chance Lights to floodlight runways and Sandra Lights to beam a light cone over airfields…. IIRC Geoffrey Wellum describes his collision with a Chance Light in his wartime memoir “First Light”. Description & Photo of Sandra and flare path lights FIDO Sandra light cone and flarepath - (possibly also a Chance Light runway floodlight judging by the light flare beyond the Lanc’s port undercarriage???)
  3. Nice music… … not quite 633 but a good stand in
  4. Really excited for this landing tomorrow Work and travel commitments mean it will probably be next week before starting her up…
  5. Depends what your priorities are… Personally I found the Anton to be the easiest to get going on - taxi, take off, circuits, landing, basic A2A and A2G gunnery. A good Jabo, but very difficult to get results against AI fighter opposition Dora is quite similar but better for A2A.
  6. Doesn’t read with the professionalism that would be expected from a commercial platform… Is that from Steam or from the Steam forums…?!
  7. I like the A8 as a Jabo… (but yes, as a fighter it seems severely handicapped in the DCS arena) I’d still like the teased (promised…?) F8 version… This account suggests that even in its F8 Jabo form, the 190 was a dangerous opponent - something that doesn’t really show in DCS: F8 vs Beaufighter & Mustang escorts
  8. I doubt the rev fluctuations are real??? I’ve seen RL boat and tractor tachos flick around like that - I’d suspect either the tacho or if genuinely engine speed then still on warm up??
  9. Doesn’t sit well with most assessments of the raid…?
  10. Pretty much what all Mossie aircrew said… from what I’ve read /been told
  11. At least one 3rd party was looking at making a campaign (IIRC). Reflected posted on this sub earlier in the summer ETA - not sure I’ve seen anything re ED’s plans… although the videos, screenshots, aircraft IDs and ground assets all point towards the Amiens prison raid
  12. 15th is also the first Wed (open beta day) after close of the Channel / Mossie bundle offer
  13. If next Wed is release date, then perhaps we get a weapons vid on Monday…??? AKA - “How to fly an iron bomb through the front window”…!
  14. Good luck with that… I respect the aspiration, but as a professional engineer, just can’t see how that would be practicable - or even beneficial to the sim experience… I’d expect change of weight on weapons release or fuel transfer to be modelled in a sim of DCS’ calibre - what about cannon rounds weight change, or in a larger aircraft, crew moving station… Is icing modelled? How sophisticated are the links between FM and DM - fuel weight loss, component weight loss, loss of lift / control from damaged wings / control surfaces, increased drag ??? 100% or you’re out … sure about that???
  15. Yes, but if the sounds are poor it doesn’t even get used… There is a certain driving franchise the marketed on being the driving simulator, but all the vehicles sounded so similar it ruined the immersion - especially if you had driven some of the models in the sim. That franchise has improved sounds For Flight Sims sound is vital to immersion, and especially for piston engined aircraft where every cough and splutter is part of the aircraft’s “heartbeat” (as a boat helm my ear is tuned to any off-beat engine sounds, I’d imagine even more acute for a RL pilot) FM is classic 80:20 rule - the last 20% is going to take an inordinate amount of effort and add very little additional user benefit… and if the last 20% perfection on FM is at the expense of something else, eg sounds, then the whole package is lacking
  16. Navigator isn’t the Bomb Aimer though…? Seems like terms such as Navigator / Observer have been used for the Mossie second crew member. Have also come across Special Operator where the role includes radar or radio navigation / positioning tools For the FB.VI, I guess Navigator / Observer would be most appropriate
  17. It’s a Flight Sim… Probably the best available to us civvies, but it is a flight sim. Yes, the marketing spiel talks of the digital battlefield and land, sea and air assets, but to my way of thinking those elements are there to add depth to the flying. Essentially DCS is a very good FM and systems model sim of specific aircraft. ED staff posts on here also give the opinion (my error if misinterpreted) that DCS is about simulating interesting aircraft - with the caveat that the supporting detailed data is available Re Krupi’s post, I’m very keen to see an expanded WW2 plane and ship set. Wish lists for this and that reflect that community excitement for the subject matter - but with so many weapons systems fielded and constant evolution of those in service, it’s never going to happen if never going to be complete… So, a sandbox, in which we have a steadily growing number of the best and (hopefully) most representative toys to play with
  18. Confused… I thought WW2 was regarded as one of the better fleshed out aspects of DCSW… It is a sandbox sim, not a full theatre… it’s about the aircraft first and foremost. There’s also a pretty good set of ground assets in the WW2 Asset Pack, although granted we’d all like to see a few more of our personal favourite AI aircraft and naval units. Very excited about the forthcoming Mossie, and hope the Corsair isn’t too far behind
  19. @grafspee Merlin 25 - engine type is visible on one of the cockpit panels
  20. Not so sure about that… what about the 109 and 190…??? JG5 flew both and even if they didn’t tangle (difficult to find definitive refs), they were defending airspace against Wildcats, Hellcats and Corsairs in 1944. Looks like they had Gustav G6 and Anton A3 models, so not a direct match for the A8 and K4… but as close as anything else in DCS
  21. I’m assuming there is no video / still camera capture button in the game… can someone direct me towards any tutorial etc info for getting video?
  22. Yes, I find that the AI Mustangs can out climb, out dive and out turn the Dora … I do try to play to to the aircraft’s strengths (badly, it seems) - ie will try to extend away with a shallow dive to gain speed, followed by a shallow to moderate angle climb (intending to turn back through a -45deg roll / slash back onto the target) Do the AI Mustangs lose energy? Don’t really know, but I do know that I find it very difficult to disengage
  23. I think that varied at different stages of the war and for different targets…??? ie, before the advent of Oboe and Gee moon and stars were necessary for navigation and target ID. With the advent of PFF, TIs and radio nav aids then less moonlight would be better. IIRC from some reading, the dark of a new moon and bright light of a full moon might have been avoided ETA - either way, moonlight definitely desirable (essential) for night flying in DCS…!
  24. This is something I’ve been trying in the ME…. and I think it’s well within the capabilities of the sim. Realism alert though - I do use F10 map and labels… in the absence of radar or GCI, and to develop my mission building and night flying skills. Even with these cheats / aids, T/O, landing and gauging distance to target are difficult From a “can it be done” or “would people use it”… it’s just BVR for warbirds The mission I’ve gradually been working up is a B-17 raid on Caen docks. The bombers spaced several km apart to simulate RAF bomber stream tactics and at circa 5000m altitude. You need an online lunar calendar and careful choice of cloud formation. BUT, with some broken cloud, a moon skitting in and out of cloud cover, searchlights, flak and aircraft glimpsed from below against the lighter sky… it’s one of the most engrossing things I’ve done in a flight sim. Very, very intense
  25. That’s the easiest question I’ve seen on these forums… “Chocks Away…!” (and probably why folks ask for appropriate pilot and ground crew voiceovers - ie there’s a deep cultural embed)
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