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  1. That’s the reason for angled flight decks...
  2. Good point - and the Mossie... assuming suitable runway availability and range
  3. Not sure without going back in to the mission, but assume that as a training scenario the aircraft is properly set up...?! (either way, as a standard P-47 mission it is there for all) Anyway, IIRC, 19k feet, 54” MP, max revs, clean flaps / gear, cowl flaps closed, primer locked...
  4. Back on topic... I’m having the same issue - P47 aerial gunnery training... target is a P-51, but with only 220 IAS I’m unable to close the gap for a good shot... Everything seems set correctly, as above ^^
  5. For low-level strike... Blackburn Buccaneer SEPECAT Jaguar both would bring something new to DCS
  6. I see that @BIGNEWY has commented in the Facebook DCS World 2.7 comments section - Mossie progressing well and already favourite warbird
  7. Another “no news” day... Looks like focus is on DCS World 2.7... Mossie to follow? Hopefully not suffering with gremlins s aaa be needing major fixes
  8. Was being cheeky with Foxbat... ...on the basis that pre-1969 is “early” Cold War
  9. Sea Fury, Vampire / Sea Vampire, Hunter, Canberra, Vulcan Skyraider
  10. Only if read in isolation, or out of context... Previous posts were holding up DCS on the basis of realism. Yes, one of the attractions of DCS is attention to detail and the realism that brings to PC flight sims - but like it or not, there are many areas which are not as realistic as they could or should be... my post included examples to illustrate that. I’m not overly bothered about autopilot in WW2 aircraft. I probably wouldn’t use it, preferring the (equally unrealistic...) pause button if there’s something else I need to attend to whilst pretending to fly aeroplane
  11. F10 map or MFD on a second monitor would be even better...!
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