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  1. I'm still getting frequent graphics corruption associated with missile launches. Also still see occasional black boxes but they seem less frequent and I can't reproduce them reliably with track files on my own system. On top of that I have half screen black flashes that occur almost exclusively behind the supercarrier. Turns out the RX 5600xt is a great card for everything I play except the one thing I bought it for.
  2. For some reason I feel compelled to post something for context here. I remember a time when flight sims were a huge part of the PC games industry. A half dozen new flight sim titles came out every year from major publishers. EA licensed the Jane's name and released about a dozen titles under that umbrella between '95 and 2000. Then as technology advanced, games got more complex and expensive to develop while at the same time the PC and console games industry boomed. Other genres grew rapidly while interest in and the profitability of flight sims died. PC military flight sims became a niche market with only a handful of active developers who were motivated more by passion than profit and barely able to stay afloat. We don't even get a half dozen new products per decade now unless you count individual DCS modules. I've seen small project after small project fail for 20 years. It really is a miracle that DCS and especially Heatblur's Tomcat exist at all. DCS has its issues and so does the Tomcat but the fidelity they've achieved given the number of people working on theses things and the size of the flightsim market is truly unbelievable. Yes it's frustrating when things break, don't work as advertised, or take ages longer to deliver than expected but I also think that these extraordinary products produced in spite of the realities of modern software development warrant extraordinary patience. I will happily report problems with a concise description and the requested files along with a "thank you." Thank you for making this and thank you for continuing to make it better.
  3. Chuck's F-14 guide is a great reference. https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-f-14b-tomcat/ Once you get the missile off the rail, it's essential that you maintain a good lock until impact with the the AIM-7 or a few seconds before impact with the AIM-54. Good rules of thumb are to keep your altitude below the target's altitude as much as possible and, if inside of 10 miles, keep your target in the boresight zone until impact (diagram in chuck's guide pg. 364). This may allow you to save the shot if lock is lost when in close. If all else fails, post a track file.
  4. Disclaimer: my Tomcat landings are terrible. Here's my observations on landing and how I've managed to deal with the new burble effect: On the downwind on a case 1 or past platform on a case 3, I trim the aircraft to fly level and on speed. I do not touch the trim switch after that. I use a tiny bit of consistent forward or back pressure on the stick to stay on glide slope, and power to control AOA but once I'm trimmed, I'm trimmed. If I need to make large corrections to glide slope I use DLC. I approach the stern with a slightly high ball and, a few hundred feet behind the boat, as soon as I see the ball start to drift down I aggressively use DLC to raise the jet then use DLC to follow the ball as I cross the ramp. The burble will push you down behind the boat and lift you up as you cross the ramp. That gets me on deck in one piece, dragging a wire most of the time. I may try trimming for about 200 fpm sink rate next time to see if that smooths things out a little. If anyone actually knows what they're doing, feel free to correct the bad habits a misinformation I wrote above.
  5. In the current open beta, I have a problem in Mission 05 where I get the mission complete message and dialogue at the start of the mission. This may be due to several objects, including one named TGT5 being destroyed at the start of the mission. Track file is too large to upload. debrief.log
  6. I did some more testing and figured out the MH failing to track was due to the ACM cover. With the ACM cover down it tracks SU-24s just fine. With the ACM cover up, locking a target changes the missile mode indication from BORE to NORM but it still doesn't track, honestly, I don't think it's trying to boresite either. The AIM-7M on the other hand won't track the SU-24 but will track the SU-25 as has been previously documented. Also, I left the ACM cover alone for that test. F14 7MH ACM cover.trk F14 7MH tracks.trk F14 7M SU24 SU25.trk
  7. Still can't get AIM-7M and MH to track SU-24. Assume it's still the jammer issue.
  8. Thanks Buzzline. No problems so far with the modified .lua. I'm 4 missions into Rising Squall and I'm enjoying it so far. It really delivers on the Ace Combat meets DCS concept. The missions are highly scripted and they do some neat things with track files. They take 30 to 45 minutes to fly. I've needed two attempts to pass a couple of them and I didn't mind at all. One of the more complex mission that I've flow even had mid mission checkpoints. The story and voice acting are what you would expect in an Ace Combat game; so that's either a good thing or a bad thing, personally I like it. I'm really impressed with the level of polish that it has. The music is great, the briefing images are fantastic, it even comes with a really nice theme. I wish there were more campaigns like it for DCS. In the 90's and early 2000's, flight sims were also games and I miss that.
  9. Ran into this again with the Rising Squall campaign in the current OB. Using ED's unmodified me_logbook.lua. I'll try Buzzline's version and see if the problem reoccurs. debrief.log dcs.log
  10. I'm seeing occasional small black boxes too. Radeon RX5600xt, Ryzen 5 3600. Driver version 21.4.1 dcs.log
  11. Thanks, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I had no idea about the A/A WP function. The new offset waypoint looks really useful too but I couldn't set it to be greater than 66nm from my waypoint for some reason. CBStu, there is a "show ruler" button at the top of the F10 map. When that button is on you can right click anywhere on the map and drag to get a bearing and distance from where you clicked.
  12. Any tips for navigating using bullseye as a reference in the hornet? For instance if I have a waypoint at bullseye in a mission and the mission directs me to a bearing and distance from bullseye, does the hornet have some tools that I might have overlooked or do I need to eyeball it from the hsi or sa page?
  13. BuzzLine's me_logbook.lua still fixes the problem.
  14. Reverted my me_logbook.lua back to stock version before installing today's patch. Still broken. I'll confirm if BuzzLine's fixed Lua still works with the new patch tomorrow if someone doesn't beat me too it.
  15. Buzzline has a .lua file in this thread that fixed the finish mission bug for me.
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