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  1. This is unusual; units should not report dead until they are "born" for the first time, and if the airframe is never occupied it should never spawn. A workaround would be to simply set a flag when the player selects the unit for the first time, then check the condition of that flag as well as the "DEAD" condition. I.E. 1 ONCE (player chooses F16, NO EVENT) -> UNIT ALIVE (F16) -> FLAG ON (1) 1 ONCE (player F16 killed) -> UNIT DEAD (F16) + FLAG IS TRUE (1) -> End mission Repeat this for each flyable airframe; until the play
  2. You just have to either earn or buy the premium currency. An AIM-120 costs 17 Golden Eagles. You can earn Silver Stars (100 Silver Stars = 1 Golden Eagle) through normal MP participation with tier 1 weapons, or purchase a "Roost" (10 Golden Eagles) a "Nest" (100 Golden Eagles) or a "Sanctuary" (1000 Golden Eagles) for $5.99, $25.99, and $59.99 respectively (best value!) ..or, call the ground crew with the radio button "\" by default, and request to rearm and refuel. Right click on the empty squares below the picture of the jet, and select the desired ordnance for each s
  3. Hi Martyn, As long as your score is higher than 50 you'll progress in the campaign. We must have just missed adding a success message for that particular option...I'll make sure to add that in to a future update. Enjoy the rest of the campaign!
  4. You don't strictly need to write any .lua for this. You can brute force it with the GUI, it just isn't especially pretty. You basically add another layer of checks when a flag is called from your random roll to see if the group has already been activated (add another unique flag when a group is activated to reference.) If so, then re-roll the RNG and try again until eventually you're out of groups. SWITCHED CONDITION -> FLAG EQUALS (1, 1) + FLAG IS FALSE (1001) -> GROUP ACTIVATE BANDIT 1 + FLAG ON (1001) plus a second SWITCHED CONDITION -> FLAG EQUALS
  5. You are an awesome dude Element! Really appreciate all your contributions to the community here!
  6. Awww Sedlo beat me to the quick event handler....that's my new favorite answer that everyone seems to need
  7. You'll need to add scoring events to your missions to progress the campaign. Set a flag on when an important event occurs, then assign it a point value in the Mission Goals menu, which can be accessed from the Mission Editor. A score of 49 or less will cause the campaign to step backward one mission in the progression. A score of 50 will cause the mission to be repeated A score of 51 or higher will cause the campaign to advance to the next mission.
  8. In the Sukhoi jets, you should see your flight plan when in the navigation (ENR) HUD mode on the datalink display. This display is scalable as req'd. Hit the NAV mode button a second time to enter RTN mode, which will take you to the initial approach fix for the airbase you have designated as your landing field in the editor; you can also cycle to any other base. While they are not named, you can see their physical locations on the display. On reaching the IAF, the HUD should automatically switch to landing mode and display glideslope indications if the field supports them, if memo
  9. Take a look at some departures/approaches for an idea of what those points are and some ways they're used: https://www.airnav.com/airport/KLSV The folks over at the 476th have been kind enough to reproduce the RW navigation charts for our maps in DCS if you'd like to practice some of the real approaches/departures: http://www.476vfightergroup.com/downloads.php?s=b48be2825f30bdb5ad550647130ec04b&do=cat&id=54
  10. Post a link to your track file and I'll take a look :thumbup:
  11. I had something handy that was 90% of the way there from another recent thread, so here you go! Replace "ArtilleryUnitName" with whatever the name of the individual artillery gun in your mission's name is. Run that code in a DO SCRIPT container at mission start. When the gun fires for the first time, flag 1 will turn on. You can then use the FLAG IS TRUE (1) condition in the regular mission editor interface to trigger your dialogue. :thumbup: ArtyShotHandler = {} [indent]function ArtyShotHandler:onEvent(event)[/indent] [indent=2]if event.id == world.event.S_EVENT_SHOT and event.initi
  12. Hi Rich, how comfortable are you with writing code? While I don't think there would be an easy way to calculate ToF without some major legwork, a simple event handler will be able to detect the shot from that specific unit. As a workaround, if unit positions in the mission are fixed, you could simply do a test run to calculate ToF for your rounds. The attacks can be triggered via the mission editor GUI by using the group's "Triggered Actions" tab combined with an AI TASK PUSH trigger
  13. Paste that text into a DO SCRIPT container, and replace the object and flag IDs with the desired value. You can also create a .lua file using Notepad++ with that text, and use DO SCRIPT FILE instead. Here's an example using a building at Sukhumi Static Handler Example using DO SCRIPT.miz
  14. The default directory structure for user campaigns is: c:\users\YOURUSERNAME\Saved Games\dcs.OPENBETA (if using OB)\Missions\Campaigns\en\AIRCRAFTNAME\CAMPAIGNNAME i.e. c:\users\Bob\Saved Games\dcs\Missions\Campaigns\en\F-16C_50\Falcon over PG The modification you are required to make to MissionScripting.lua is universal across all DCE versions. You should only need to revisit that file after a DCS update. :thumbup:
  15. Hey, I've put the complete mod list which causes the conflict in the previous page. :dunno: I'll explore the issue when time permits, appreciate the attention.
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