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  1. On my end, the object ID did match with the one in the script, but the script still didn't function properly due to the apparent absence of the object ID passed to the engine, as shown in my screenshot. Previously the ID number given by the "assign as" function in the ME would match the display in the after-action report in the "Initiator" field. Either something fundamental has changed with the SSE, or there is a bug in the current build. Given the active development state of the DCS core engine, either is a possibility! I also have a ton of mods enabled in my OB installation so I
  2. This is probably a bug; I remember an instance recently where airfield IDs were accidentally swapped around. In the editor, you can right click on the object and click "assign as." This will show you the object ID. I'll fiddle around some more when time allows, only had 2 minutes to quickly run the existing .miz and begin wild speculation
  3. Looks like there is some type of bug at the moment. The object ID should be visible in the "dead" event, but it appears it is not being passed to the scripting engine for some reason.
  4. Can't speak to the actual issue, but my first thought for a workaround- Turn a flag on when the player spawns in, then check for both FLAG IS TRUE and UNIT OUTSIDE MOVING ZONE. I've seen occasional weirdness with speed or zone conditions looking for players as they spawn in, particularly in multiplayer, without some additional short timer or check.
  5. I am honestly amazed it has survived through the years. Glad to hear people are still getting enjoyment out of these. If you're hungry for more quality Eagle ops... *cough cough*
  6. As previously stated, there is no longer any "script" dropping your nose. All FC3 aircraft have been using the same full fidelity flight models as other DCS airframes for some years now. The MiG-29 was the last to receive the conversion, the F-15C the first. These days, it is only the avionics which have simplified.
  7. https://www.virtual-airshows.com/performers/ Click on a team to visit their website. For informal practice, you can find several public multiplayer servers labeled for aerobatics. There is a search function in the top right to filter results
  8. Boy are you ever in luck https://www.virtual-airshows.com/
  9. If you are using TrackIR or other external programs with hotkeys, they can sometimes "steal" keypresses from DCS. Do you have other active software perhaps?
  10. NSR1 & 2, and Op Wax Wings of mine would all work well for two. Simply swap the A-10s for A-10CIIs in the mission editor. I'd also recommend looking into Apache600s community missions, and the classic Operation Bactria, all well suited to smaller groups.
  11. I have never encountered a single file of that size in many years playing with mods. While JSGME may occasionally appear to hang with larger mod directories I have found that it will complete the transfer if you simply leave it alone. Don't obsessively click on it a hundred times when the bar stops moving, don't cancel and restart a thousand times, don't try to resize the window or drag it around etc. If you have found yourself unable to resist fiddling with it and the "program has stopped responding" message appears, clicking wait and leaving it alone will still allow it to resolve the transf
  12. Hi Martyn, I had an opportunity to run the mission this evening and didn't encounter any issues with events failing to progress. Make sure you hit your waypoints (especially WP1, CRP East) and everything should be good to go! I think the events you encountered were a random fluke.
  13. Perfect, thanks! I'll take a look ASAP and see if I can find where the issue occured. From your description, it sounds like you did everything properly. I don't want to spoil things for you but "stuff" should happen when you reach your anchor point. EDIT: After taking a look in the mission and your track file, I'm not entirely certain what went wrong. It appears you flew the flight plan as briefed. I'll give it a test run myself when time permits but for the time being, I would suggest simply trying again, being sure to hit CRP East when leaving Kutaisi and your anchor point
  14. Lalt + C will transition between the cockpit cursor for interacting with the cockpit, and mouselook. If you have mouselook enabled while using TrackIR or VR, you effectively disable your cockpit cursor with no visual indication, which sounds like what may be happening to you.
  15. Hi advari...funny story, I literally just cleared this yesterday after no activity for quite some time. Serves me right The links should be up again
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