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  1. I rather wait for the full video to publish. No need for spoilers.
  2. Just looked at Matt`s youtube channel. 4th "private" video under "DCS:Mi-24P HIND"-playlist vanished.
  3. Do we get a new HIND video soon? Under Matt Wagner´s "DCS:Mi-24P HIND"-channel is a 4th "private" video.
  4. I was wondering about that too for a long time. It would be rather strange to get the newer typhoon but not be much older tornado. But then again different companys so everything is possible. +1 Nice. A recently released video.
  5. Yes, maybe there should really stick to official country names. BRD or FRG for example will be the same before and after the fall of the wall as long DCS do not bind country names to actually drawn borders on a map. But unfortunately there would be still some minor problems. How would DCS call Taiwan (if we ever get it). I understand that it would be easier for most people and scenarios to get the more informally called names. Who knows, there might be people that would think that the ROK are the red communists in north of the korean peninsula.
  6. If you want to be correct then there was neither a "east-germany" nor a "west-germany". They were only informally called that way like people speak of "south-korea" were it should be called "Republic of Korea" instead. If the current "Germany" is a stand in for the "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (BRD) or "Federal Republic of Germany" then it should represent the former occupated zones controlled by the US, UK and France and the today unified country.
  7. Ich nutze derzeit ein TM Warthog. Stick und Throttle als kollektive Steuerung funktionieren eigentlich sehr gut. Für Helikopter sind (gute) Pedale, aber sowas wie ein Pflichtkauf.
  8. It is a fake. The panel is from an airliner. Would be cool though. I played it sometimes during flight.
  9. A Marine Expeditionary Unit" with a smaller fully animated WASP/America/Tarawa-Class carrier and animated deck crew would be really amazing. Perhaps it could bring us amphibious operation to DCS. Especially current and future marine/navy helicopters and VTOL-planes need more love from carriers.
  10. If we may dream than yes, I want a cold war map BRD vs DDR.
  11. Man kann jar gar nicht mehr seinen Urlaub planen. Jetzt hätte ich demnächst ein wenig Zeit und die Hind ist noch net draußen. Noch bin ich optimistisch neben der Hind, den Kiowa und BO-105 demnächst zu sehen. Den Apache hab ich für dieses Jahr schon abgeschrieben. Ich hoffe auch noch auf die Pinguine der Falklandinseln.
  12. In terms of history I can understand that, but in terms of functionality and role it would be still the same as the current super carrier. I can see them in the distant future, but for now a "Marine Expeditionary Unit" with a smaller WASP/America-Class carrier would make more sense and could add amphibious operations to DCS. Moreover helicopters gain more and more ground in DCS and I am optimistic that we would get navy/marine helicopters like AH-1 Cobra, V-22 Osprey, CH-53 and SH/MH-60 in the near future.
  13. I would pay for a smaller (helicopter) carrier like the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship for navy helicopter and VTOL-planes. An Invincible-class, Queen-Elizabeth-class or mistral-class carrier would be good to. I think we do not need further larger carriers for a long time if ressources could be used better on things that are not yet implemented like more ships with complex damage models and animated deck crews for helicopter operations, anti-submarine warefare and of course navy helicopter like Sea Lynx or SH/MH-60.
  14. I absolutely would love a navy helicopter too. It is really fun and challenging to land on ships. We have a supercarrier so we need and should have navy helicopters too. Maybe a Sea Lynx, but I guess a MH-60 would be better suited for the mostly american carrier/ships. We need LSE/Marshaller on ships and on ground and maybe even a smaller "super helicoptercarrier". I would even pay for a dlc which would get us a fully modeled destroyer/frigate like the Arleigh Burke-Class to ream/repair/refuel (even refuelling while hovering), with 2x animated hangars to actually store and switch y
  15. I am in for the HH-60G Pave Hawk. It would be the most versatile medium sized helicopter for DCS. Air to air refueling with a helicopter would be really amazing. To extend the usage for combat we should get a removable Multi-Station Lightweight Armament Support Structure (MLASS/LASS) from unitech. It should be usable on S-70 variants und should enable us to deploy unguided missiles and fixed forward firing guns. Alternatively I want a standard Black Hawk variant with a removeable Multi-mission upgrade from Lockheed Martin. That should enable us to make use o
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