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  1. I dont have manual for R-25 engine, but R-13-300 and R-11F2SK-300 manuals used in older 21s indicate the same thing. When SPS installation is ON (operating, so SPS switch engaged ON and flaps down to landing position), afterburner cannot be engaged regardless of throttle position. I will forward this bug report.
  2. Hello, I will investigate this tomorrow. Thank you for reporting.
  3. If that is a separate bug than please make a new bug report.
  4. No, I checked it. It seems that FPS Vr in some reason affects the performance of SteamVR causing it to increase the usage of resources. I deleted my FPS VR and ... its miracle but it worked.
  5. I know. What I mentioned in update was reflective of prototype and features in general, details specific to this variant will be reflected properly.
  6. Hey Schmidtfire, I will forward you're request
  7. Well, card is not pos, it has performance in it. It's software that sucks. I went with indicated above config online. Well, its playable but there are still reprojection errors related to warping (text, gunsight) and shadows flickering. And reprojection is Valve concern if I'm not mistaken.
  8. I just set motion reprojection to SteamVR perr-app setting in OpenVRSettingsUX.exe (can be found in Steam folder). I can try changing it to Motion Vector. No, not particularly. But than again, I wear glasses and until my lenses from VROptician arrive, I am not the best judge of how blurry or not things are.
  9. So I have changed: - Default SteamVR app motion reprojection mode to SteamVR perr-app setting - Force DX11 mode - ON Motion Reprojection works MUCH better for me and its actually holding to 45 FPS at 14-15 ms. There are however still frequent instances when FPS goes up to 50-60 and I see reprojection indicators changing (switching constantly Blue - Red, so GPU / CPU bound - Off), but smoothing also seems to be working and so overall experience is like Nvidia. On the other hand it did not cure on my side issue like text warping. There is also visible shimmering on pow
  10. So I've tried the above. Unfortunately process killing did not help and Virus might be right, just have to wait for Nvidia to step up. Also, as it seems, turning PBO from Automatic to Enable actually lowered the clocks of the CPU. It seems that AMD microcode in the chip knows much better how to handle new CPUs than PBO which is implemented by motherboard manufacturers.
  11. Yup, exactly the same way I have it. FPS seems to lock itself to 60 or around 60 and it fluctuates but despite it being so high, image is not smooth. Only at 45 FPS when reprojection works, it is smooth. Anyway, I will test it tomorrow since I have to put 6800XT back into case. It's definitely worth trying. Also wouldn't surprise me if it was SteamVR thing. Valve has neglected both Nvidia and AMD launches this year. However regarding usage, thing is that we did tests with Exil with reprojection off to measure pure output. And more importantly, the difference was when wi
  12. Literally everyone in this thread has issues with new AMD GPUs except for you. Also it is not some problems, its a matter of having pleasant experience. It's not true. I just reverted to 20.11.3 and could not fire up my G2 at 90hz. Turns out such issues were reported couple weeks ago: https://community.amd.com/t5/drivers-software/hp-reverb-g2-windows-mixed-reality-not-working-with-rx-6800xt/td-p/427626 After installing back 20.12.2 headset starts properly at 90 hz. Now motion smoothing might not be important for you or not bad for you, but it is very much for
  13. Well, I've just reinstalled driver to older one but mixed reality portal started having issues with Reverb so I'm reinstalling portal now. And no. Nvidia ain't perfect either. I have severe stutters on my 3080. Issue about stutters with Ampere is known to Nvidia for 2 months but still not solved.
  14. If you have too much money and want to sponsor a new car for Jensen Huang, thank feel free. 3080Ti coming in a month or two will be far better investment providing the same performance as 3090 for 500 $ less.
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