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New damage model tests
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  1. I will look into that. Thank you for reporting!
  2. And Im sure you understood sarcasm I dont know if all 12 were rebuilt. At least 4 were. But work on foreign technology is not easy when you have to supplement parts and don't have access to technical documentation. All engines are the same. But they are also different. First captured Zero, the Akutan Zero, was rebuilt to a flying condition with carburetor mismanaged in such way that it exhibited power and pressure loss in negative G maneuvers (akin to early Spitfires). Something that led U.S. Navy falsely to believe that pushovers can be a good idea to get away from Zeros. An
  3. That might be so. There were 12 Zeros captured on Saipan. But it does not change the fact that numbers in there are not representative for comparison. For both reasons mentioned above. Following sentence indicates that this was sorted after rewiring. They were running it at 2750 RPM, so it was full power since thats take-off / full power RPM for Sakae 21. This is a single data card from IJN, I got it from National Air and Space Museum. Not sure if I am allowed to post it (copyright and that kind of stuff, Smithsonians are very touchy about that). Other documents can be f
  4. I dont mean to hijack thread, hope Nineline wont be mad (apologies in advance!) but the report you are (and following poster) referring too is based on evaluation of captured airframe. It was captured on Saipan, shipped to San Diego and went through overhaul (to the best of U.S. Navy abilities). Afterwards it was flown to Patuxent River Naval Air Station where comparative performance trials were conducted vs FM-2, F6F-5, F4U-1D, P-38J-25, P-47D-30 and P-51D. Not going into full detail (actual values can be found in TAIC 38), the airplane performed below specs. It attained at full
  5. Well, Corsair is dangerous since its much faster but I'd not make that point in regard to Hellcat. Unless we speak of F6F-5 with water injection and some aerodynamic improvements, the original F6F-3 is actually unimpressive in terms of performance. For a 1943 aircraft powered with 2000 HP engine at least. And its 1943 record was also rather unimpressive, at least in comparison to Marine (and VF-17) F4U pilots and USAAF P-38 pilots. Claimed victories to losses ratio in Solomons for that period was 4.9 to 1, which was better than F4F (4.1 to 1) but inferior to F4U (5.4 to 1). Do mind that those
  6. I plan to do it tomorrow. But you know, its COVID. Im not expecting quick response from Asus customer support.
  7. I'm sorry but you're wrong there buddy. I dont need motherboard bios upgrade, AMD chipsets were provided with support for Resizable Bar / SAM in December and I tried that on mine with AMD Radeon 6800 XT. GPUs do require vbios upgrade. As stated by Nvidia themselves: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/geforce-rtx-30-series-resizable-bar-support/ and My RTX 3080 shipped in October and it still has original vbios. Any attempts to install new one failed so far unfortunately.
  8. I cant do a bios upgrade on my GPU for some reason though. My RTX 3080 shipped with original, October vbios, but when I try to upgrade I get a message: "Your graphic card no need to upgrade."
  9. Update. I was also made aware that tail bouncing can occure even with simple landing gear retraction:
  10. Tonight during routine flying online I have suffered hydraulic and coolant damage, which prompted me to proceed to nearest airfield and land. Upon landing I noticed lack of hydraulic pressure, so I used emergency handle to extend the landing gear and banked airplane few times to make sure its locked. On final approach engine failed me, but I managed to glide the aircraft and put it down at approx. 100 MPH in three-point position. Airplane landed on front gear first, which extended properly, but as soon as tail touched the ground it started porpoising / bouncing (with rather constant inte
  11. Hmpf. I literally flew 21 last night and gear was working correctly. Did you try to repair DCS or reinstall module ?
  12. As a matter of fact ED is giving us push about F4U and we are obliged to meet certain dates. The issue with landing gear is well reported, known and will be addressed as soon as time allows.
  13. There are no news because development currently demands full attention. But I will try to get some news once time permits.
  14. Will look forward into it Spooky, thank you for reporting!
  15. The person who made the skins had some Pitts and Christen Eagle experience in real life, however since he is no longer with the team, I cannot say what was his motivation or connection to this particular livery.
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