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  1. Oh yeah! Thank you. Basically I had checked that, but maybe with a Vaicom update it changed or so. Great, didn't expect that fast help :thumbup:
  2. Hello there I experienced a weird problem. Yesterday I was able to play normally, without issues. Today I had to update just the Updater (weird on a Tuesday?) and if I now launch DCS it gets stuck in the loading screen at 10%. Task Manager says though it is still using resources. When I checked the log file, there is apparently an Error with starting the game GUI. I attached a picture plus the log file. Hope someone is able to help. Greeting Malek dcs_Log_03172020.txt
  3. I have no official statement, but in the preview video you can see the Tomcat in some scenes. So I'm very confident that the F-14 will be compatible :pilotfly: ->
  4. I'm Swiss and in the Swiss Army and I like to clarify some points. 1. Why the Swiss don't do CAS with the Hornet: As someone already explained, in a modern conflict in Switzerland CAS is tactically irrelevant, because Switzerland is so small. Nevertheless in 2012 the Swiss Air Force wanted to integrate the Paveway 2 Bombs into the Hornets, so the Air Force could precision Strike some high value targets. But the Security Committee of the Parliament decided that such a capabilitiy is not needed. 2. Why the Hornet was chosen over the Viper: Both types were seen as very capable, but the hor
  5. There is another issue why the autopilot might not engage. According to the manual, you should set the "Attitude Source Switch" below the UFC to standby during the start up, but with this switch in standby the autopilot will not engage. So I leave it on auto.
  6. I have no evidence like track files or tests, but I fired twice two Sparrows in WVR at a head on Mig-21, the first at a range of 5nm, the second at a range of 3nm and in both tests all missiles missed. That and the others comments make me believe that the Sparrow generally underperforms. (But this is nothing more than a believe.)
  7. Honestly, if you you really read about the AIM-7, you would know that the M and F versions are much more advanced than the older ones used in Vietnam. For instance, the production of the AIM-7M started in 1982 and had a theoretical probability of kill of 50% while it achieved actually a Pk of 79% during the second Gulf War in 1991.
  8. I'm still curious what NCTR does, is it a system to identify radar contacts?
  9. In Leathernecks release trailer it says "18.09.2014", so I think this module is available since three years. Which means: Happy Birthday DCS: Mig-21Bis! :megalol: And thank you Leatherneck/Magnitude 3 for this great plane! (Please correct me if I'm wrong with the release date)
  10. So it may be a bug coming from the Huey campaign where you fly as a Spanish UNO Pilot.
  11. I'm not sure. I believe it is working, because when I use it, the Hawk-batteries need longer to launch their missiles, but this might be only a wrong feeling. At least the lights on the panel, chaff and flares are working.
  12. No problem and yeah maybe that's the issue.
  13. Okey, I found the problem! You can fix the bug with the kneeboard when you go to your Keyboard.diff file. The file can be found usually at Users\ "Your user" \Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\AJS37\keyboard. There you must open the file with a suitable editor (I would recommend Notepad ++) and search for the entries with the names "Kneeboard - next page" and "Kneeboard - previous page" (May be called differently). Under those is a command which says ["removed"]. Change this to ["added"]. Now your kneeboard should switch pages again! This is just a very rudimentary explanation, I'll post soo
  14. As I wrote, I use at the moment no mods. Usually I fly with Bartheks GTM 6.5, but for solving this problem I deactivated it. (I'm using JSGME)
  15. Already tried that, but again it does not help.
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