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  1. That. And IMO, the Hornet's nav lights still look bad, both from up close and from a distance. The solution is to increase draw distance of light sources (including AB effect), add correct, intensity and angle based bloom and completely do away with using textures in place of bloom.
  2. It is. People aren't forced to play on that server. And since it's a private server, the owner should be able to choose what aids etc they want available on it. Also, how does doing mental math equate with tolerating G forces, in a video game? DCS simulates navigation systems and the mental math is one of the things we can actually do, from our desk chairs. This is like saying that certain milsim fps games should have bullet drop assists, map and compass assists etc.
  3. Oh no, why'd you guys have to remind me about the RWR? No INS integration, wrong threat ring logic (only locking targets are promoted to the lethal band) and the filters aren't implemented...
  4. I appreciate the link to my mod, but I'd wait a bit before getting it. I haven't updated for the last OB version yet. Coming soon [emoji6]
  5. If it causes crashes, you should post it also in the Crashes section, it'll likely be addressed faster that way.
  6. I'd argue that it'd be even better if ED worked on developing a basic, physics-based radar API that takes basic inputs like diameter, power, PRF, mode etc and allows for certain coefficients and automatically determines the probability of detection at range x like that. Then, module developers need only to include the specifications of the radar, add the correct modes and use the coefficients to achieve published results in certain modes (I'm including coefficients to deal with things like the APG-68(V)5's MPRF, which is not the same as the APG-73's MPRF, for example). That would eliminate mu
  7. Yeah, the RCS tables in general need to be addressed. They could easily be approximated with a 2 variable function for say, 5 degree (or lower, so we don't see jumps) increments in aspect and a simple delta function coefficient for stores. Even something small like that, which would be computationally inexpensive and easy to plug into the existing radar API, would greatly increase fidelity.
  8. Just checked, works for me, as long as I don't have a page that can accept the TDC, on the LDDI. Did the EW page shortcut ever work? I didn't know it was in.
  9. It's only available in A/A mode, lower left on the TAC menu. You can also bring it up quickly on the left DDI, by bumping SCS Left, if there isn't a page that can accept TDC priority on the left DDI already (always in A/A mode).
  10. The radar modes and functionality would be the same, with just details between modes being different. ECM and ECCM would still be there and there wouldn't be any difference, in terms of how DCS deals with them. There only thing that would change in the A/A systems would be MSI, AMRAAM and AIM-9X. The latter is trivial in the context of how DCS is modeling weapons. The AMRAAM is not tied to the Hornet's development, it's only the interface and the radar-missile communication that needs to be developed, I can't imagine it's that time consuming. The big item is MSI, but even like that, we're ha
  11. I think this'll happen naturally anyway, as ED and 3rd parties run out of modern aircraft that they can model. But I actually think that Cold War jets will be just as hard, if not harder, to develop at the fidelity level that people here are talking about. ECM and ECCM, a proper, global radar API, and a correct RCS library, whether for newer or older radars, need to be developed from scratch, but that's true for every single radar system we could have in DCS and so it can benefit all modules. The implementation of ECM/ECCM for modern fighters will be simpler, with older techniques, but it'll
  12. Good point, I was going to add that as well. The APG-73 version we have is the RUG2, which, while I am not familiar with the changes from the original 73, it should at least add newer components and firmware. OP, very good work on the data gathering and the discussion.
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