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  1. The flight model is pretty spot on. The difference between those you are feeling could be because of your HOTAS. Cyclic stick in mi8s are much longer in real life so it gives you much precise inputs. And what are you reffering to as "3 degrees collective raise is like 5 degrees" Are you meaning main rotor Angle of attack or actual travel of collective.
  2. Wasn't aware of that, thanks for the quick reply cheers. :D
  3. Has anyone been experiencing tacan needle on HSI showing wrong location of beacon. Here is a picture sorry for crap quality but for some reason DCS saves screenshot as PNG.
  4. I know its much to ask but do You have any aprox date when will Forrestal come? I'm really hyped for it.
  5. I highly doubt its for online/server activity. Its more for ED to fill their wallet.
  6. When I press cassete switch side button the game crashes.
  7. yea 1 button for on/off would be great
  8. Hi, I went into a mission editor to make a mission. When I pressed tamplate icon to place already made tamplates for russian sams there was a "minus" icon there next to it. I didn't know that it actually deletes the tampelates. So now all the preset templates for russia are gone and I don't have a clue how to bring them bacc.
  9. Yes thats what I am saying. I do realize it takes a lot of money to produce these modules. But stacking every now and then a new complex module that will in half a year cause probably more harm then good financialy. Becuase like you said those modules will turn from profit to a expense eventually and I don't see that as a good thing in a long run. I wish them all the best in their business but aswell I want us consumers to not pay the ultimate price at the end.
  10. If thats the only problem noone would be upset with them. Problem is they keep developing new modules that keep incrising their workload without putting effort in completing already relesed ones.
  11. See the link of their own poll where they asked us what feautures we want. Itd been a year since then and most of the top votet features arent in game. Priorities yea right...
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=219023 :thumbup:
  13. Why is it low priority? A very large amount of players is waiting for it for a long time.
  14. Thanks for clarifying
  15. Does anyone have any info for this, are we getting the TAS pod for Hornet? I saw PB mode crossed out in HARM page that indicates it can operate harms with TAS but haven't seen any mentions in hornet features of it.
  16. No kidding, Is there a fix so I can actually play online?
  17. And now it went all into the stable :doh:
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