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  1. This is very annoying. I waited a whole night yesterday and it's like this.
  2. I'm in China and I get only 30KB/s for over 5GB open beta update. Any advice besides immigration to Russia?
  3. I have my modules purchased on the website. Can I download the Steam version and play the modules I purchased on the website via my linked account?
  4. Hi there! I have the Syria map stuck at about 15886 of 34723 downloaded MBytes and 29061 of 50699.8 unpacking MBytes. I redownloaded about 3 times today on 2 different PC and they all stuck here. I checked the update log and it says: 03708.957 ERROR: UNPACK_FAIL: (31668)->[HashError: hash mismatch] G:\DCS World OpenBeta\_downloads\Mods/terrains/Syria/surface/Syria.surface5 Any idea?
  5. Wish they could stop all work and take a long vacation then finish the dynamic campaign before continue working on any other stuff
  6. I think the situation in my case is very strange. Yesterday I clean-installed the openbeta and found my control profile needed to be re-configurated. And when I check my saved-games folder I found these. The DCS.openbeta folder is brand new created without any user files. The DCS folder is full of all my files including the F-16 config files and it was created in 10/11. In other words, the "maybe" DCS beta uses my very previous DCS stable version's saved game folder for a very long time (at least for over a year). I don't know how this happens but maybe someone touched my compute
  7. yeah, my bad. totally ignored this part. thanks very much.
  8. thanks. there is indeed no any sigh of beta in the game but i do find the one with f-16 to be 38040. thank you very much.
  9. didn't find any beta symbol in the one that has F-16. i may go recheck that. thanks!
  10. Hi guys! Strange issue. I have two PCs, the same DCS version and the same user account. One can find and download the F-16 module in the module manage menu, the other one can't find it. What could be wrong? The two PCs are not in the same location. Need help. Thanks in advance.
  11. My home computer updated DCS this morning and get the Tomcat in 30 minutes. My office computer still can't get the update. I'm trying to use the repair function now. Will report later. Not working. Still 27430. Both are stable version.
  12. Mars 13th is passed over the half here, I still don't get the F-14. what should I do? i can't wait
  13. I may have the issue too. I take off with the flaps in half but still get the trim problem. I will try again to make sure.
  14. Well shooting down parachute is available in IL-2 and I sometimes did it on purpose. Not being able to shoot down a parachute is some kind of unrealism to me. It's not about moral. A very simple way to satisfy both, I think is to make parachutes disappear when they are shot, mark the pilots dead. If the parachutes landed, mark the pilot survive. I won't need much code to do it, just about physics. Moral side, taking down an entire village by bombs in the game, you won't do it in real life in most cases. And those who really kill people in the real world, I don't think they care about a gore
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