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  1. The Bulldozers in James Cameron's "Avatar" use the Saitek X-52 Pro.
  2. Actually NO. The IRIS-T is a much bigger and much faster Missile with a much longer range. It's more like the R-27ET in DCS as we know it.
  3. Such servers are a myth. One can be gratefull whenever players manage to take off and land into the same direction and the runwayss are not littered with wrecks or parked aircraft on the runway and taxiways.
  4. What I experience a lot with the current su-27 fm is that I can hover the plane on the nozzles for ages. Once you have 80° Nose up you can stay there without any input and it will go on VTOLing till the fuel is out. I even once managed to land it on the nozzles without much damage. If that would be rreally possible, a manouver thats is much more spetacular than the "cobra", you would see that more often performed in RL.
  5. I see this too but only on VA server. I don't go there anymore and problem is solved. They use a lot of funny scripts there and one of them obviously does that.
  6. You have just answered yourself...the difference is...you can only use BS2 in DCS world. BS was a standalone game that could be linked in MP with FC 2.0 I also got it and it is useless by now.
  7. It's a question of ground pressure. Narrow tyres on a heavy plane will bring it into troucble...large tyres on a light plane will make it a bush aircraft that can land on most flat places. I guess only the su-25 could do it of the ones we have in DCS,
  8. 6. Dezember 1983, ist in der Quellenangabe nachzulesen.
  9. Yes I would like a modernized Starfighter like the F-104G used by the Luftwaffe till 1991. It had better Radar, IRST, reinforced undercarriage and improved flaps for better manouverability.
  10. Saitek WAS not that bad. Since Mad catz has taken over the quality is in decline. I had my original X52Pro combo with pro pedals for 8 years and the x-52Pro just gave up on two of the rotaris after extensive daily 2-3h use. The X-55 as replacement did not last without issues for more than 4 months. I asked an aquaintance working in the eletronics shop I bought the x-52 and he just told me they don't sell Saitek/MadCats sticks anymore because of the problem they have rgarding the 2 year warranty a seller has to give in europe. Its the same that happened to cheap angle grinders and drills, here...nobody sells that junk anymore because it does not work the 2 years it needs to go out of warranty. As a side note, Samsung used to give a 3 year warraty on TFT till 2012. The models from 2013 on just have 2 year warranty...guess why.
  11. I have the same issue in the A-10A with the AGM-65D. It simply does not lock no matter what you do.
  12. Ich sagte ja auch 50 ms ping... 104th and 56th und wie die alle heissen liegen bei 200 ms bis 350 ms und bei dem problematischen netcode kann mit mit dem ping BVR Luftkampf vergessen.
  13. Eigentlich würde es ja schon reichen wenn es überhaupt mal belebte öffentliche Server im 50ms ping Bereich gäbe: Aber da sieht es ja eher mau aus. DCS scheint kein breites Multiplayer Appeal zu haben.
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